We Now Know Why There’s a Hole in the Ozone

LaskiGal tasked us with posting our prom pics.  And since I’m an over-achiever (read: goody-two-shoes) and my dance pics weren’t all that bad (since big hair had started to fall by mid-high school for me), I added a few others to showcase my daily hair in 7th-10th grades:

Top one is me and my "twin" Carin in 9th grade (we were called twins by those around us…reasons why deserve a post of their own).  Bottom one is of me and my best friend from middleschool and highschool, Heather.  We’re in 8th grade.  As you can see, I was dangerous with the hairspray.  And mousse.  And gel.  And back-combing.

Top pic is my Senior Homecoming…and I went with Freshman (commence taunts).  Bottom one is me (the short bigmouth laughing her head off in the back) with my fellow band members after our induction into NHS (commence more taunting).  And yes, that is Richie Rebel behind us because even though I was in the Chicago suburbs, I apparently went to a high school in the deep south.  We shot cannon fire after every football touchdown.  Thanks to our poor football skillz, the neighborhood surrounding the school on game night rarely got rocked by cannon fire.

This is Senior Winter dance at my boyfriend’s highschool.  They had way more money than my highschool, so they could get a decent photographer with a stool and real balloons.  Like the permed hair?  It was perpetually spiral-permed from late 6th grade until sometime in college.

My Senior Prom–can’t quite tell, but my dress and dyables were a light peachy-pink.  Same dud as last photo.  Foolishly kept him around 3 more years.  Silver lining?  If I hadn’t followed this one to Ball State, who knows if I would’ve met Justin:

Very shortly after dropping the Zero, I found my Hero!  Yep, that would be Justin in the top pic with the BLONDE hair about a month after we first met and started dating.  The bottom two are from a couple months later for his Fraternity Winter dance.  As you can see, I was very lucky to find someone as nutty as me.  Our antics in formal situations didn’t end at dances, but our wedding, too.

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Tranny Head

Dude! That hair isn’t that bad. I owned a CRIMPING IRON!!!

You went with a freshman? You sexy cougar beast you . . .


Those pics are great!! And I loved your wedding pictures – you look so pretty!


Oh, I had the crimping iron, and a square iron, and a triangular iron, too, just didn’t have photographic evidence.
LL–thanks! did you get to see my BIG OL’ PANTIES? We went parasailing with them over our honeymoon…


I just love the overachiever in you. So, seriously, how many bottles of hairspray did it take to keep that do?

Oh, and the freshman … I so admire you 🙂


Those are definitely authentic pictures. You can’t reproduce hair and dress like that.

I’ll bet those freshmen thought they were all that. Let’s just hope you didn’t make them the luckiest freshmen around.

Burgh Baby

I can’t even focus on just one thing to snark about. So much material, so little time.

But, wow! The hair. The hair.


LMAO! I had big bangs. I mean those suckers has a life of their own. What were we thinking?????

Madame Queen

I had hair JUST LIKE your friend Heather in that one picture! I had big hair for a while, but even I couldn’t compete with some of the girls in my school.

Love the Gunne Sax dress! I had several of my own.

Shamelessly Sassy

“Very shortly after dropping the Zero, I found my Hero!” I’m so glad you said. I had completely forgotten that the saying existed. Love the title, by the way.


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