Friday Mail Call

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This is a blog where I will share my adventures and mundane tasks as a work-out-of-home-mom. I now have 2 kids and my wonderful husband, so the juggling has gotten a little bit more tricky (man-on-man defense). We also have 2 dogs and 3 cats (we used to have 4) so as you can imagine, our household is pretty busy. Since I never feel like I'm being listened to, I figured I'll just start talking at the general Internet community and see what happens.


Tranny Head

Dude – I breezed through this in my reader and thought it said “puppy poo.” In my exhausted state of brain death, I thought that 1) you won a puppy poo; and 2) you received some dog feces in the mail.

Must be time to go to bed.


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