I know you are probably tired of hearing me go on and on about this, but it’s important and I feel it’s worth repeating a hundred times. Folks out in the Midwest who were affected by the catastrophic flooding are in dire straights. Many were told that since their town was protected by levees rated to withstand “100 Year Floods” that they were not required to purchase flood insurance. This year’s flooding has surpassed any “100 Year Flood” that we’ve experienced. Yet it seems like the media is just pretty much ignoring this, which is truly truly sad because these folks need our help just as much as people affected by Katrina three years ago. While the loss of life was considerably less (because more of these folks heeded evacuation orders and ran for higher ground), the extent of damage and cleanup will probably be the same, or more, than Katrina because a much larger area is affected. And instead of local tourism being the hardest hit, our nation’s food source is affected.

So to show that I am really really serious about this, I have lowered the starting bids on the silent auctions I am hosting. Previously I stood to gain a few dollars per item in order to cover business expenses but now I am eliminating that in order to help encourage some bids, and ultimately, some money for the Red Cross to benefit these flood victims. So go look at the silent auctions, look at the catalog fundraiser, and email me with your order. Or if you hate wearing or sharing fine fashion jewelry with a lifetime guarantee on it, then by all means, send a donation to the Red Cross.

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Ken Pirok

You are exactly right. It was an act of God.

Also, no one ever kept them from getting flood insurance. It just wasn’t required.


Another levee near St. Louis broke this morning. Shawn was sent to go fill sand bags but it was too late.


I remember crying with relief when I finally saw the lines of busses getting into NOLA after Katrina. I’m so glad you’re doing this fundraiser. If we don’t help one another, we’re all in pretty sad shape.


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