Whiney, er, Winey Bloggy Meetuppy

what? it goes together!
So yesterday we drove up to Tarara to enjoy their wines and the company of another bloggy mama, Tranny Head. Fortunately, Tranny and Sumo survived the winding Virginia roads and made it there safely. Unfortunately, three of the eight wines on the tasting list were not being tasted (uh, how am I supposed to know if I want to buy them, dummies?…you’re priced a leeeettle higher than my 1.5mL of Livingston Cellars Rhine Wine so I need to know what I’m investing in).

Also very unfortunately, Tranny Head had forgotten her white box to wear on her head

and instead threated Justin with beard-burn from her stubble and allowing a very hungry, very teething Sumo to gnaw on his arm if Justin took and posted any pictures of her. Needless to say, Justin complied. Sort of. More on that later.
But, we all had a nice time. All the kids were pleasant and happy; what few wines we were allowed to taste were fairly good (oh Tarara…they used to be better…and cheaper!…but I will forgive you since you still have your blackberry-laced Wild River Red for my dessert consumption, even if you are trying to dump your tried-and-true Cameo), our wine guy was nice and friendly and funny and very patient considering we were trying to drink while wrangling three small children (although Gavin was actually on his most exceptional behavior…thank you buddy! but I suspect it was because he was nervous around Tranny Head), and us adults had a nice time chatting about our kids because, well, we have no other lives now.
After the tasting, we headed outdoors to let the kids roam around and graze. Literally…Gavin roamed all the way down to the lake, Sumo ate the grass, and Cooper ate a piece of paper. We were also inundated by gnats…well, us adults were, but they left the kids alone. So Tranny Head started circling our little camp in order to create a current that wouldn’t allow the gnats to bother us…I think eventually a few gnats got caught-up in the vortex and were then stuck in the middle with me, which is why in nearly every shot of me, at least one hand is blurred, because dude…nothing sucks like swimmers in your glass of Pinot Gris.
So we all had a very fun time. Gavin wasn’t too scared of Tranny Head because he eventually told me he thought her dress was pretty and he likes Sumo, Cooper and Sumo got along famously, and Justin got a lot of really nice pics of all of us (go look!). Except for Tranny Head. Well, okay…he did get one photo of her and Sumo as they were walking up to our table at the winery…it was before she threatened him. To say we were blinded by her beauty and tranniness would be an understatement.

Wait for it.

To say I’m glad she doesn’t have my home address to come and enact revenge would be another understatement.

P.S. I have another cold…and my voice is now lower than both Tranny’s and Justin’s; you should hear me say the phrase, “I’m a dude!”…I could be my own tranny-head!
P.P.S. Have you checked out this or that? If not, please do so…deadline is this Friday! And these people have lost EVERYTHING…homes, vehicles, jobs, clothing, personal memories, furniture, pets, books, appliances, toiletries, music, the list goes on and on. All money to go to the Red Cross to benefit the victims of the Mid-West floods.

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Karen–she is a southern lady…sorta.
Everyone else–hello! She’s a LAWYER!!! Lawsuit much? Beardburn much?

Tranny Head

ok, that? Was badass. Good Lord am I ever hawt. The hat was designed to keep my tranny head from sunburn, of course.

I am glad I didn’t scare Gavin too much … I tried not to scare him but it is hard to tell if I am going to traumatize small children with my stubble and all. Cooper didn’t seem too horrified, which was good. So now we have to do it again … Especially sine I owe you money. Oh, and also because I want to dry hump your camera.


I knew Tranny was hot . . . now, we all have proof.

Sounds like quite a time!

The pics of all those boys . . . wowza. That is a lot of testosterone brewing.


I have never seen so many disgruntle people about seeing (or not seeing) someone’s picture. Damn right we’re going to another winery. One with less bugs, less cork, and more pictures to piss people off!!! >:)


Awesome. Simply awesome!

I’m still jealous. I want to go to a winery! But one without gnats, preferably.

I posted a post and poll about another DC Area meet up. You guys getting together was inspiring!


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