Six Down, Thirteen to Go

I actually got more sleep last night than I usually do and I’m tireder. Is that a word?
Anyways, I was thinking “hey, it’s Thursday…Justin will be home soon.” Then I realized he won’t be back for thirteen more days.
I miss him. So do the boys, but thankfully, they have been taking this trip better than all the other ones from the past 6 months or so. That in itself has made things incredibly easier to handle while I juggle them, work, speech therapy, a commute that gets us home at 7pm all week, and the occasional shower. But as I was checking something quickly on one of the little MacBooks that Justin left behind, Gavin asked “where’s Daddy?” because he was used to video-conferencing with Justin over that particular machine. Even Cooper was looking around asking, “Daddy?” in our bedroom this evening. I think they both were so used to Justin being gone only five or six days that they instinctively were thinking, “uh…where is he?”
Just like I was this evening.

But!…Justin has been doing stellar at MacWorld. He had his big presentation today and did very very well, especially considering his preso partner had a death in the family and had to cancel his trip, leaving Justin to pull together the materials from scratch to fill-in for him. Hopefully someone recorded it cuz I would like to see it, even if the whole thing sounds like blah blah blah to me.

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So does Justin do a video conference with you all? That’d be pretty cool, although having him there would be better. At least the weekend is coming up, so you can relax right? 🙂


Aww, it must be heartbreaking to hear the boys ask for him. Thirteen more days? Gee whiz! How long do these Mac people actually need to spend together? Are they planning on taking over the world or something? I’m suspicious…


I’m so glad for you all that he’s doing well there! But sad for his absence so long. Tough on all of you. Though reunions are sweet, eh?

Tranny Head

I’m with calicobebop … I get suspicious of too much Macness. It all sounds a little Microsoft-eque to me …

Hang in there, mama!


Hang in there. Maybe you could do something fun and out of the ordinary with the boys to help with the “where’s Daddy” bit.


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