Yes, He’s Home

Justin’s back. He got back just fine, perfectly safe, and the boys and I have been very very happy to have him home.

My birthday yesterday was fun. Cooper has decided that anytime his food “breaks” (i.e. banana breaks in half, cheese slice bends and breaks), that he should have a major meltdown. I am not exaggerating in the least–he breaks down into complete hysterics, screaming until he’s purple and blotchy, and ignoring any newly offered non-broken food. He just started this habit this weekend. A special birthday gift to Mama.

But seriously, it was a lot of fun. I was glad Justin was home, I was tickled to see all the sweet birthday greetings on Facebook, got phone calls from my family, got some new Fossil sunglasses that aren’t bent, scratched, or asymmetrical (like the $12 lovelies I’ve been wearing up until this point), and got this SWEET Presto pressure cooker! So I made my own birthday dinner in my new pressure cooker and our friends came over to share it with us. It was, hands down, the best roast I’ve ever made–moist, tasty, and only took about 45 min to cook a 3-1/2 lb boneless rump roast. SCORE!!!!!

Yes, I know I’ve gotten old when I am jumping and giggling gleefully about test-driving my new cookware. The best part? Since it’s a 16-qt., I can also use it to can low-acid foods, like meats, soups, and veggies. And I cannot wait!

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Happy Birthday Colleen! I hope you had a great one with the boys. 🙂
All my love,
your cousin Jen


Yay! So glad he’s home and that you had a happy birthday (and a big Happy Birthday from me too!)! I love your description of Cooper’s reaction to broken food, sounds very similar to Landon’s reaction to “no more” and “all gone”. Good times 😉

Your pressure cooker sounds awesome, I may need one.

De in D.C.

Happy Belated Birthday! I’m totally with you on the time saving kitchen appliances as gifts that rock. Last year for Christmas I got a mammoth 12cup industrial strength food processor. Best. Gift. Ever.

My friends laugh at me for this, and I’m OK with that.


Happy Belated Birthday! You are right . . . getting a pressure cooker and being thrilled-to-death is a sign of getting old! (But I felt the same way about the new crockpot that I got for Christmas, so I am right there with you!)

I am glad to hear that Justin made it home safely! And I can empathize on the broken food thing . . . my Cooper does the EXACT same thing! And heaven forbid I cut something the wrong way – meltdown central.


Happy Birthday To You!

Congrats on your new kitchenware. Glad to hear the the tradition of canning won’t be lost. I tried it once and was not impressed with the amount of work. But, I’m lazy that way. 🙂


I’m so sorry – I missed your birthday! I feel like the worst friend ever.

I guess Justin being home makes up for Coop’s fun new gift, huh? Those kinds of tantrums drive me nuts. Not a thing you can do about it, either.


Wow. I am so relating to so much of this post. I, too, make a kick ass pot roast. Only I do it in a slow cooker. Now I really, really want a pressure cooker. THANKS A LOT COLLEEN! 😉
I too wear Fossil sunglasses. I also have a few other thing that are Fossil. I just really love the way everything this brand has looks. So does John.
I am so sorry that Cooper is behaving this way about something that is just a part of life, (broken food). Maybe you could just have a crash course in it and give him nothing but broken food for a whole weekend and see if he could get used to the possibility that it could happen. Or is that cruel? And, really, cruel to him and you both? 😉


Danny’s the same way with ‘broken’ food, and while it’s a bit humorous, just a bit, it is also rather exasperating, to say the least. Sounds like you had a very happy day. 🙂


I’m so jealous. Any talk of food at this point gets me all hawt and bothered – because my poor mother simply cannot cook. AND I’M HUNGRY, damnit. STARVING.

Glad Justin is back! 🙂


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