End of Week Wrap-Up

So my first day back to work and I had to jump right back into the deep end…no moseying into the shallow end to get used to the water. Glad to be employed, but sheesh, am I tired!


We finally got our first snow of the 2008-2009 winter on Tuesday. It was beautiful and the kids were ecstatic. School closed early on Tuesday to let the teachers get home before the roads got bad (we don’t have enough snow equipment to keep up with a daytime snowfall around here), so Justin and Gavin went out in the snow to play. Cooper, however, thought the snow was gorgeous and fun from inside the house. We put him outside in it and he ran for the safety of the cleared-off areas. I don’t think he liked the weird crunchy feeling under his feet. Too bad we got ice Tuesday night and Wednesday, and regular rain late Wednesday because nearly all our snow is now gone.


Cooper’s teething again (working on some more molars) and I am constantly amazed by all the things I keep pulling out of his mouth. Now I remember why Gavin had such an addiction to his binky: I would offer it as an alternative to dangerous items to chew on. While it was a bit of a pain to break Gavin of his habit, getting Cooper “hooked” seems preferable to getting bit at I pull yet another piece of contraband out of Cooper’s mouth.


Speaking of mouths…Gavin shared at dinner earlier this week that he doesn’t eat his boogers. He just licks them.


Both boys continue to do great at their new school. Cooper is taking better naps and he is constantly dancing around and talking to everyone we pass as we walk in and out of the building. Gavin can’t wait to go to school each morning and just seems so much happier than where we previously were. I’m not sure what it is, but this entire school transition has gone so much better than I could have ever hoped.


After being home with the kids two days this week and having our usual Friday night movie and seeing Wall-E at least three times (not to mention the 40+ times we’ve seen it since Christmas Day), I am still finding little things that I love in that movie.

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The booger licking. Ewww!

Wish we’d gotten your snow. Ours was mostly ice and sleet, with a little snow on top. It melted away today. But the kids went back to school! Yay!

You rest this weekend. Enjoy yourself!


Around here they are called ‘bungers’ . . . and I have yet to ask if he actually eats them. I don’t want to know.

Wall-E! We got that for the kids last week and I totally agree – we are on viewing #247 (or so it feels like) but I still find it enjoyable and totally cute! (And I love the slam at consumerism and glut!)

And I am so glad to hear that the boys love their new school so much – I can only imagine how much of a relief that is!


Is the new school local? I’m thinking of moving my daughter from where she’s at now in Arlington to this area (Centreville), and was just starting to put some feelers out there about possible daycares. You don’t happen to have any recommendations, do you?


I sucked a bit of my Corona into my lungs trying not to spit it out while laughing at the bogger licking . . . I strangely feel like I have had a conversation nearly the same as that one with one of my many children


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