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Okay, I was supposed to do this yesterday, but it seems that Sundays are just to busy to jump online to post anything.  *sigh*  For some reason, my husband thinks it’s fun to torture me with purchasing the DirecTV NFL Package each year (well, we split it with friends of ours), so we have people over every Sunday for the games.  I enjoy watching a little football, but sometimes I enjoy watching it in-between loads of laundry or getting other major things accomplished (bathrooms, posting articles, getting stuff ready for the workweek, etc.).  Since we have folks over from about 1pm until around 7 or 7:30pm, I don’t get a real jump on other things until after that time (and by then we are also trying to get the kids into bed).  Last season, I would just push a few things into the work week evenings, and it wasn’t a big deal.  But now that we’ve got two kids and Justin’s gone on weekday evenings until late, I can barely get Gavin (let alone me) fed and in bed.  By the time Cooper is in bed at 9 or 9:30pm, it’s a bit late to start a load of laundry, although I’ve been trying since Justin and Gavin aren’t too keen on wearing their underwear two days in a row (me, on the other-hand, after multiple trips to Victoria Secret’s “5 for $25”, have enough underwear for at least a month, yet I”m still wearing my maternity undies…*sigh*).  So now that we’ve got my whiney excuse(s) out of the way, here is the meme that I tagged myself for from Madame Queen.

4 Jobs I have had (Had?  I’m going with past tense, so…):

  1. I was a reporting analyst for a subsidiary of Verizon
  2. I was a stock-girl and cashier for Osco Drug stores…in more than one location in the state of Indiana
  3. I was a cashier for Target
  4. I was a waitress for 2 bars, 1 sports-bar (i.e. open for lunch), and 1 fine-dining restaurant, all owned by the same company, all at the same time. I would just float where needed.

4 Movies I love to watch over and over:

  1. Rush Hour 1 and 2 (caught some of 2 last night…love the chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker)
  2. Oscar (Sylvester Stalone movie)
  3. Spaceballs
  4. The Indiana Jones trilogy

4 Places I have lived (again, I’m going with past tense):

  1. Riverdale
  2. Lansing
  3. Muncie
  4. Manassas 

4 TV Shows I enjoy watching:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Dirty Sexy Money
  3. Chuck
  4. The Closer 

4 Places I have been:

  1. Niagra Falls
  2. Wall, SD (okay, really, I should put Mt. Rushmore or the Black Hills, but Wall Drug store in Wall is kinda cool)
  3. The White House…and not just the free tour, either (yes, I’m boasting)
  4. The Sears Tower (back when I was a really little kid…would love to go back and bring the boys someday) 

4 Websites I visit daily (and often lurk):

  1. Amalah
  2. Madame Queen
  3. the Laurent Files
  4. justinrummel.com 

4 Favorite foods:

  1. steak
  2. fetticcine alfredo
  3. Olive Garden’s salad
  4. tuna casserole 

4 Places I would rather be:

  1. Chicago
  2. a nice warm beach
  3. Indianapolis (hey, we’ve got friends there and much closer to family)
  4. my bed, enjoying a good book 

4 People I am tagging:  No one, since I also just tagged a handful of people.  Also, sorry for the crazy formatting (I’m a formatting freak, sometimes).  WordPress just did some updates and I’m getting used to what they did.  Plus, I cheated and just copied/pasted from Madame Queen’s site in order to get the whole list of stuff.

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Madame Queen

I think that the White House story deserves a post. You can’t just drop tantalizing hints like that and leave us hanging! 🙂

I love Olive Garden’s salad too!


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