yeah, that’s how I feel.  Today is the third day in a row of rain (NOT that I’m complaining…), and Gavin, for reasons unknown, got up and climbed into bed with us around 1:45am last night.  Cooper got up at 2am and wouldn’t take “no food” for an answer.  Since it’s been raining, and both of my dogs (Maggie and Ginger) are princesses, neither of them will go potty…so at 4am I wake up to the sound of Maggie grunting/groaning at me and Ginger was standing on my chest.  At 6am Cooper was up again and managed to wake up Gavin sleeping in-between us since we didn’t put him back in his own bed, away from the baby monitor.  So I’ve not gotten very much sleep…certainly not enough to write letters (although I took mental notes to try tomorrow).

My lack of sleep also caused poor motor coordination and poor choice-making which nearly culminated in my phone almost hitting the toilet at work.  Yep, I almost pulled an Amalah.  I went to the bathroom and had my pink RAZR in the back pocket of my maternity pants (because pregnant post-partum chubby gals aren’t allowed to have front pockets, apparently).  At the last second, I opted to pull down my pants while facing one of the stall walls instead of the door (because I was remembering how Amalah dropped her iPhone in the toilet), I then swiveled around and sat.  As I was performing this move, my phone popped out of my pocket and landed flat on the floor next to the toilet.  I immediately yelled out a triumphant “HA!!!” while pointing at the phone, like “I got you!  No toilet diving for you!”  But then I realized that my phone, that I put next to my mouth and against my face, was on a nasty bathroom floor.  *sigh*

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Well done on the save! A phone that has hit the bathroom floor is far less gross than one that has hit the toilet water. Lysol wipes can fix your problem, but there is no helping a phone that has gone swimming with the unmentionables.


Someone told me once that toilet water was cleaner than human’s mouths? Don’t think I believe that!


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