Sick, or something

I need to get it together and write a real post since I didn’t all weekend, but I’ve been battling some sort of stomach bug.  Just sick and nauseous on-and-off all day with a lot of stomach gurgling, etc.  Not pretty.  So most of you can probably sympathize with how hard it is to run a household and manage kids when you’re feeling like you might barf…obviously that means posts fall WAY to the wayside since I can barely get dinner on the table.  Maybe if my silly baby will quit getting up in the middle of the night, I could get a decent amount of sleep.  Actually, if my silly 3-year old would quit coming into our room at 2am (and 5:30am) that might help, too.  Don’t know what prompted him to come in and climb into bed with us, but after a couple weeks of it, it’s getting old.  Add to it that he will announce once he’s on the bed, “POTTY!” and start whining because he’s on the bed and not near a toilet.  Thank goodness we still have him in pull-ups at night or I think I’d have changed his bed and ours nearly every night.  Guess we’ll really have to cut back on fluids near bedtime to see if that helps.  Maybe if he didn’t feel the urge to pee, he wouldn’t get up in the first place.  Still not sure what that’s all about.

But I definitely need sleep if I’m ever going to get better.  At least I felt better today than I did over the weekend.  So as soon as I start feeling better and quit going to bed immediately after putting Cooper down at 9:30pm, I’ll get some writing done…I promise. 🙂

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Madame Queen

Get some rest, girl! Bubba woke me up on Saturday AND Sunday at 6:00 and 5:00 AM (respectively) so I feel your pain a little bit.

I finally did the meme! Sorry it took me so long.


Get some rest! That stomach flu thing has been going around here. There’s nothing worse than an upset stomach.


Oh yeah…I forgot to mention last Saturday that Illinois annialated Ball State. Just thought you would like to know 😉


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