I’m back rambling…

Ok, barely…but at least the nausea has abated and the fatigue is almost gone.  But that had to have been one of the longer weeks of sickness I’ve experienced in a while.  *whew!*  Glad it’s over.

Now if I could write…heh!  I slept so much that I’m having trouble recalling what went on all week.  I mean, the kids had a secret contract to vary the days and times they got up in the middle of the night, I went to work during the day wishing I was dead (and I did steal a couple quick 15-minutes naps while pumping!), and I barely functioned in the evening with both kids and no Justin.  But we all made it…I’m feeling better, the kids were fed and kept relatively clean, and I saw Justin for about 20 minutes each day after he came home.  Oh! 

And we had Halloween in there, didn’t we? 

Okay, I do remember leaving after lunch on Wednesday for Gavin and I to get our flu shots.  Mine stung my shoulder for like 3 days; Gavin seemed fine within an hour, although he also got his shot administered in his thigh because they had to use bigger needles this year to allow for the vaccine to pass.  Now if I can get Justin to get his shot since Cooper can’t get one until January…and I refuse to take care of Justin for something he could’ve prevented.  He’s a bigger baby when he’s sick than both kids together.

Afterwards, Gavin and I hung out at home for a short while until Justin and Cooper got home.  Then after dinner we dressed up both kids and went to a few houses in our court while Justin held down the fort.  I think we got like 8 Trick-or-Treaters the whole night.  Needless to say, we’re bringing back one of the giant bags of candy we bought because NEITHER of us need the extra sugar or calories!

On Friday I left after lunch and got my  hair cut.  I kept wanting to cut it to chin-length, but considering how infrequently I’ve pulled out my hair dryer in the past 3 months, I opted to have it just brush my shoulders instead…which was still about 6 inches off the total length.  Maybe in a few more months when Cooper gets into a better sleep pattern (or any pattern), I’ll be able to schedule myself better and have more time to dry my hair.

We also found out that Ginger has a teeny tiny itty bitty little polyp, which is the source of the slight bit of blood after every BM.  Thankfully it’s only about $300, but that’s just $300 too much right now, so we won’t be able to afford to get it removed for a little while, poor puppy, but if any of you are interested in donating for Save Ginger’s Butt, please let me know and I’ll give you my PayPal information. 🙂  I absolutely promise that all money received would be used to off-set Ginger’s surgery.  Any extra would go towards little puppy donut pillows and little puppy butt ice packs.

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