Virginians Only Assulted 7 Metrobus Drivers

This is something I’ve been meaning to write for a few weeks.  I just wanted to congratulate Virginia for only assaulting seven (7) Metrobus drivers in 2007.  This compared to twenty-one (21) drivers assaulted in Maryland and fifty-six (56…yes, 5-6) assaults in our nation’s lovely capital.  According to this article there were a total of 84 assaults on Metrobus drivers in 2007…an all-time high.  This would be hitting with an open hand, hitting with objects (sticks, bricks, etc.), punching, spitting, guns, knives, and attempts to fondle and/or undress the driver.  All I can think is WTH?!?!?  At least I can say that none of those 7 occurred in my county…since we don’t really have mass transportation in my county despite the fact that we are still one of the fastest growing counties in the nation (like in the top-10 or so).  If the Metrobus was extended out to my county, we would be hugging the drivers, bringing them coffee and treats because we might finally be about to save a little gas money by taking the bus.

So do ya hear me, Metrobus and Metrotrain???  Bring your buses and trains to PW county and we will love you and hug you and appreciate you, and beat-down anyone who attempts to assault your bus and train operators!   We’re only about 15 miles away from your most western bus line.  And if you brought the Metrotrain out to Ma-Nasty, you know you’d have nearly half the residents in Ma-Nasty and Western PW county take days off work to come help build the rail line…that would make those 20 miles of rail go really quick!  Really!  We promise!  Pullleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m tired of paying nearly $40 every week to fill up my little car?  Don’t even ask Justin how much he paid to fill-up the truck…I nearly crapped myself and no need to nearly make some of you gentle readers crap-or-almost-crap yourselves.

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Burgh Baby's Mom

If your bus drivers are as bad as our bus drivers, then they deserved to be assaulted. Ours are so bad that I don’t even yell at my husband when he wastes a fortune on gas, despite the fact that the bus stops right by our house.


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