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Okay, I’ve been caught up in Comment Land here and here.  I really should be making bottles, going to bed, or catching up on all the fine blogs in my reader and blogroll.  But I.Can’t.Stop!  Really.  I can’t.  Not sure why the carseat one is occupying so much of my attention…probably because I am (1) crazy and a glutton for sleep deprivation, (2) love to see how many idiot are posting on Baby Center (ohmigosh…have you ever seen all the knuckleheads who ask stuff like “I’m 25 wks pg and bleeding from all bodily orifices…what should I do?”), and (3) as you may have picked-up, I am a bit of a know-it-all, even if I don’t actually know much at all. 

As for the St. Francis comments…I cannot stay away because that hospital that is closing is the hospital both my brother and I were born at.  Both of us and our parents have been treated there in the ER…my brother and I both had stints in the hospital (mine was 5 days; his was I think 2 week for acute appendicitis).  My grandparents were treated there several times, and my mom has worked there in their Medical ICU for over a decade.  The hospital has been servicing that community for over 100 years and now they can’t even give it away.  Such a sad state our health systems are in, especially since surrounding hospitals who will take the brunt of this closing aren’t faring so well themselves.

So, if you all don’t mind (and I can quit hiding in comments), would you please keep my mom in your prayers since she will be out of a job in 60 days or less, and will have to start all over again at a new place with new people.  I keep trying to get her to come out here since our local hospital has 37 RN positions listed, but uh, hard to move 700 miles in a bad economy and no guarantee for a job for my step-dad (although I’m lookin’ man!  would love to have you guys out here).

Or, if you run a top-notch-not-going-under-anytime-soon hospital in the south suburban Chicago-area (including northwest Indiana), and are in need of an excellent nurse with 20-odd years experience in MICU who has a fantastic work ethic and barely missed a day of work (seemed every time I was there she had a Perfect Attendance luncheon invite on her fridge), be sure to contact me and I’ll forward you to my mom.

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Omg, I’m addicted to babycenter.com! I can’t believe how dumb some people are!


I used to read BBC all the time, until I started blogging. I usually read the Bargain Hunters Board which was usually about anything other than bargains. It was addictive. And the women there can be vicious!

I still occasionally visit, it sometimes is a nice place to go to ask some oddball question you may have. Someone always has an opinion.

Oh, and I sold a camera through that board almost by accident! I just was asking about where to sell the camera and next thing I know I got an offer and sold it a few days later.

Law Student Hot Mama

Aww – I’m sorry about her job. And I agree with you about people posting STUPID questions. “My kid is 6 years old and isn’t talking. Should I take him to a doctor?” Yeah. You shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Please play with sharp objects near your uterus.

Madame Queen

You crack me up about the Babycenter message boards! I used to think the SAME thing!!

I’ll definitely pray for your mother. How hard that must be, after 20 years. I hope something for your step dad comes up, too. How awesome would that be, to have them close by!


I’ll keep her in my prayers!!!

I am total OCD when I get hung up on a subject. The car seat topic is one I’ve been thinking about a lot lately . . .

Oh, and don’t get me started on Baby Center. When I first started looking at baby/preg sites when I found out I was preg, I was stunned by the questions. It is the world where common sense ceases to exist.


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