Who’s Got the Heebie-Jeebies?

Cooper’s fever broke sometime during Tuesday night.  He had no fever Wednesday, but I still brought him in to get his blood work done.  I pulled him out of the car and his arms had a pink rash on it.  I figured it was heat rash because it was warm in the car and he had dozed off with his arms partly tucked under him.  We went in the building and after a good 20 minutes or so, the rash faded a bit.  We did his blood draw and he did very well:  he cried, but no carrying-on or screaming or trying to get at the line in his arm.  The other phlebotomist played peek-a-boo with him while I snuggled him and tried to divert his attention.  The phlebotomist who was doing the blood draw was really good:  was very gentle, tied the tourniquet firmly but without pinching him, got a vein quickly and easily, and kept making little jokes like “yep, keep looking at her so that you think of her when you get this boo-boo” or “oh, you’re mommy’s cowboy? (his bib made that proclamation) I love cowboys and country music.  We’d be a great fit!”  Once she was finished and he finished whimpering, he went back to flirting with both phlebotomists, and even waved bye-bye at them while flashing a huge grin.

We got home, grabbed Maggie and ran to PetsMart to trim her nails and pick up cat food.  We get in the store and the rash is bright pink again, but during the time we sat in the cool store, it faded again.  This morning, Cooper had no sign of a rash so I brought him to school.  By the time we got there and I set him on the floor with the toys, his rash had made a bit of a return…but again, he’d been in the car in the sun on our drive in.  I didn’t say anything since it still seemed like heat rash.  Well, I get a call late in the afternoon, shortly before I leave for work and they noticed the rash on his arms and his legs.  What?  Legs?  I leave a message for my mom on my way to pick up Gavin and Cooper.

I get him home and I check him over…yep, the rash is contained to just his legs and arms…maybe a little on his neck (although it might’ve been irritation from the tag…who knows!).  We have dinner, Cooper tries elbow noodles (he was VERY excited by them…lots of groovin’ in his chair about them…wish I got it on video).  We put the kids to bed and my mom (she’s a nurse) calls back and suggests that Cooper might have roseola.  I looked it up and from everything Mr. Google was able to offer, I think that might be our rash!  But just to make sure, I checked on Fifth Diseaseand, since he’s not old enough to vaccinated, the Measles and German Measles.  Those don’t seem to fit…I think our winner is roseola.

Now, after all those fun pictures of rashes, who’s got the heebie-jeebies?

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That used to happen to my kids occasionally when they’d get sick. I took my daughter in once and was told it was a virus and would go away. Gone the next day.

Burgh Baby

I’m glad I’m not click happy–I was going to go back and click the links after I finished reading. Given your last sentence, I think I’ll just pass.

Glad to hear he was such a sport about getting his blood drawn. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for speedy and good results.


Oh, poor baby! The good news is that it sounds like it isn’t too horrible . . . and it goes away in a couple days. Hope he’s doing better (yeah, I avoided the pics, too).

Oh, and I’m a google addict when looking stuff up that MIGHT be afflicting J. BAD IDEA for me . . . he’s had just about everything!


I made the mistake of clicking the links for the first two pictures (roseola and 5th disease). There is one picture of a boy with 5th’s that seriously almost made me want to gag. I didn’t look at any others…

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