Heebie-Jeebie Update

…and then you turn yourself around…that’s what it’s all about!

 Oh.  Wrong funny words inserted into that song.  Sorry.  After all the craziness of “guess that rash” and nearly retching from “scary-ass rash” Google searches, I’m feeling a little slap-happy.  Well, per the pediatrician, Mom’s guess what correct…Cooper’s got Roseola.  A mild, generally pointless viral rash.  Side affects include keeping creepy folks from touching my kid while waiting for the elevator in the building that houses seventeen-hundred other doctors’ offices.  Also makes the eyes of new parents of a 3-day old baby bug out like a bull-frog and shift to the other side of the elevator cab.  I was amazed at how well that new mommy moved with only being 3-days post-partum.  Since they were probably exhausted and such, I was nice and said, “it’s not contagious.  And your baby boy is gorgeous…congrats.”  That at least seemed to take the fear out of their eyes.

Here’s some shots of the roseola rash…still just on his arms, legs, and a little on his face.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell it was on his face because he’s been doing a lot of face-plants in the carpet with his crawling/monkey-walking experiments (monkey-walk=on hands and feet).  My subject was not very willing to sit still and my camera was not willing to pick up the redness, and my poor photo-editing really didn’t help showcase the rash well, either.


you can kind of see it on his calves


aahh…you can’t really see it here, but it does showcase his beefy thighs nicely


you can see it a little on his forearms


and this just shows what a fan-freakin’-tastic mom I am…
no, seriously, I walked away to put his dishes in the sink, grab our stuff for the trip to the pediatrician, and he was OUT!

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Colleen, I feel like an idiot. The leukemia scare w/Micah? Was over roseola. The few days of fever, the blood test, the threats to keep him overnight in the hospital (my doctor babies him)… And then the rash confirmed what it was. I should have known. Glad he seems to be feeling better at least.


I wish my mom was a nurse…I spent $150 on a trip to urgent care bc it was after I got home from work and the clinic was closed and my MIL (who takes care of my son during the day) was worried about measles/mumps and freaked the crap out of me. Rosea…they told us 4-6 weeks, it was gone in 2 days. Glad you have peace of mind now! Love the pictures!!


Man, you are one smart mommy 🙂

Rash or not, he is so cute, I just want to hug him . . . he reminds me so much of J!!!

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