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I am totally pulling a Burgh Baby’s Mom and not writing. But I have a good excuse…we had a community yard sale on Saturday (and a Goodwill Drop-Off run after that). Sunday I was doing mad laundry and cleaning up my closet (seriously, I took 95% of its contents out and went through them, straightened them up, and put them back). Today I need to go through and sort the comments from my Bloggy Giveaway so that I can try to announce a winner later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. So here’s a fun pictorial…or at least I think it is.

Not sure if the rest of you are as easily amused as I am, but for some reason, these pictures make me laugh each and every time I see them. In fact, I sometimes start giggling in anticipation of a funny picture. Enjoy:

cannot wait until they’re teenagers


I can seriously quote like half the script to this movieBonzai!

my husband and my oldest…not my house…it’s never been that clean

King Tut

I love me some Steve Martin…especially old stuff…although he had me in stitches in “Pink Panther”
Just married, y'all

never thought folks would be so happy to be married

this is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, especially since Carol didn’t do this in rehearsal, so it was all Harvey could do to keep a straight face


even my dog sticks her tongue out at me!

Ainsley takes flight

Demon Flying Baby! (a.k.a. “fun with Photoshop”)

Gavin Roars

you are looking at THE angriest toddler…even with a lollipop in hand, he is in a complete rage…we’re guessing from those muscles that it’s ‘Roid Rage

UPDATE: apparently I’m a loser and didn’t see that Justin posted a bunch of pics from this weekend…included are a few more that are pretty stinkin’ funny…just click on the thumbnails to see a larger version (roughly 400×600), then click on it again for some full-screen action. Yes. I am a BIG dork…*sigh*.

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Burgh Baby

Lazy is contagious, I see. You’re an overacheiving sort of lazy to be posting multiple photos, however.

BTW, I’m sticking my tongue out at you right this second. It’s the cool thing to do.


Yeah, you’re a dork. But you’re our dork and we’ll keep you. 😉

I’ve been doing my own lazy picture posts without actually calling them that. So you rock!


The dog is smashing!!!!! How did u do the baby flying? 😀
hahahaha 🙂
Bart Obrazki


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