House of Ill Re-Puke, Part Deux

Apparently we did not have enough fun with Cooper’s Roseola last week, his fall off the changing table on Tuesday, or his wicked diaper rash (I could see it glowing through his diaper and clothes)*. Yep, we had the stomach bug.

I picked him up Wednesday from school and he had his extra shirt on. I figured he either got food on the one I sent him in, or had a poopie blow-out. We got home, we all had dinner, and while I finish feeding Cooper, Justin starts bathing Gavin. Well, Cooper made that noise and puked nearly half his dinner onto his high chair tray. This time he had enough thrust that some came out his nose, which FREAKED HIM OUT! But before I could console him, he puked again. ARRRRGGGHHHH!

I get him calmed down, cleaned him up (thank goodness for his bib and that most landed on the high chair tray), and brought him upstairs for his bath. He played in his oatmeal bath for a while (trying to soothe that rash a little), then I got him dressed and gave him his bedtime bottle. He finished a few ounces, pushed it away, and then crawled up on me to snuggle on my shoulder. I stick his magic blanket up near his face and he snuggles the blanket against him and my shoulder while I rock a few minutes. As we lay sit there relaxing, I’m realizing it won’t be too much longer that he’ll do this with me…and while I’m waxing nostalgic, he pukes down the front of us. I turn him around to face the hardwood floor so that we don’t get any on the glider and I hollar “help!” praying that Justin will hear me through the baby monitor…meanwhile, that child just keeps puking and puking! Both of us are soaked to the skin (yep, bra and undies were wet…nice feeling), and the magic blanket that gets him to sleep is completely drenched. I’ve got it on my shoes (thankfully, the bottoms), so I gingerly try to untie my shoes with the one part of my hand that isn’t covered in puke and step out of my shoes to clean him up. I find his back-up magic blanket, put him down and he’s out instantly. Justin cleans up the floor and I start throwing things into the wash…his jammies, my clothes, the blanket, the cushions on his chair, and after I opened htat plastic bag with his original shirt this morning, I toss that in there, too, because it’s been puked on. Ugh. So as I’m doing all that, I’m starting to wonder if the puking is related to his fall on Tuesday. But he seemed fine (when ne wasn’t throwing up), so I went on about my evening. Right as we’re going to bed late Wednesday night, I see in the semi-darkness something that looks suspiciously like cat puke across our comforter…GRRRRR!

Thursday Justin picks both kids up (since I was at my hair appointment), and had everyone in bed by the time I got home. I unpack Cooper’s bag and his outfit was in there…diarrhea blow-out…and on his sheets! So more laundry, but a little relief that he probably had a bug since the puking seemed to have moved to his bowels.

Friday I get up and I’m not feeling all that great, but attribute it to being up late working on the laundry, etc. As I sit by myself at work, only getting 2 emails and 1 IM the entire day, I slowly feel worse and worse. I eat my lunch expecting some relief and get none. I run a quick errand and still feel lousy. So I leave about an hour earlier than I normally do, pick up the kids, and only get home half an hour earlier than usual (how depressing is that?). I walk in, literally drop the kids at Justin’s feet and go lay on my bathroom floor, praying alternately to either just puke and get if over with, or to get better, or to die.

After about an hour, Justin coaxes me off the floor and into bed, and brings me some water and I doze a little bit. A little while later he brings Cooper in to show me how he’s crawling, except our bed is too soft and he’s not interested in showing off. Gavin comes in and gives me a kiss on the arm since I was sick (his idea). Once I hear both kids are down, I fall asleep. I wake up at 11pm when he closed the garage (and the dog went ape) and couldn’t fall back asleep. I feel a little better, so I get up and shuffle around to check on the kids and eat a couple saltines. After about an hour, I realize I feel better because the virus has dropped into my gut. Good. I take some imodium, drink a little more water, and go back to bed.

This morning was still pretty slow and my overall GI system a little sore and touchy, so I only braved a little bit of plain Cheerios (Oats! for sensitive stomachs!). A few hours later I had some string cheese and an Instant Breakfast shake. By the time we dropped Justin off at the airport, I was feeling pretty good. But I think for dinner I’m still going to do a simple tuna-rice casserole (my favorite!) so as to not anger the gods since I’m flying solo for a while.

In the meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that Gavin doesn’t get it.

*his diaper rash is about 98% gone…got some Safeway Diaper Cream…on sale 2/$5 (score!) and since it has an ungodly amount of zinc oxide in it (40% versus 10% in Desitin or 16% in Boudreaux’s), it was looking about 50% better by Wednesday.

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You poor thing!!! As a seasoned mom, let me tell you what I learned the hard way (and what I’m sure you know by now) – no food or water for at least 6 hours after a kid pukes. Even if they weren’t going to puke again, it will trigger another wave. And if they’re puking and won’t stop and a fever starts, get them right to the doc – dehydrating. It’s not the worst thing in the world or worthy of panic, just get em to the doc.

You’re doing a great job. 🙂

Madame Queen

HA! Your comment about Cheerios made me laugh. That’s what Punkin’s eating right now — the first thing she’s had in 3 days!

Glad you didn’t get the full on dose of it!


Yeah I hate the pukes. Just a tip I learned. NEVER give milk wtih the pukes. OMG! What a stench.
I hope you all are feeling better!!!!


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