I Just Went in for a Trim

Really, I did.  Then I sat for like 30 seconds and saw a picture in a magazine…I put my stylist through a grueling interrogation to be sure (1) I could stand styling it, (2) that it would look alright with my face and head-shape, and (3) that my hair would do it (it has a tendency to poof-out like puppy fur when cut shorter than my chin).   She assured me with proper thinning, and possibly a flat-iron, I could do it (especially in light of a certain someone’s upcoming trip that will knock me to Single Mom status for 8 days).  Once she was done cutting and drying, we were pleased to see that no flat-ironing was necessary.  For once, my wimpy hair and the swampy, humid weather of Virginia will work in my favor!



uh, please ignore the toothpaste-ridden mirror…


even Dory approves (the hair, not the toothpaste)

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I love it! I wish I could go short but like you said I would poof out!
I think the cut looks great on you!


Very cute! I wish I had the guts to do something “big” like that – I just always get trims. A good friend just cut of a bunch of her hair and it looks fantastic… maybe I should give it a try, it grows back anyway!

Law Student Hot Mama

It looks AWESOME! You’re way hotter than I am.

Also, in approximately an hour I went from: 1) being hit on by both a guy in the supermarket and a guy in the wine store; to 2) being mistaken for pregnant in the sushi place. I’m confused and decidedly troubled.


Wow!!! You are so adorable–and I mean in a totally hot way, not in cute little girl in pink dress way.

I have a similar cut! I may never go long again!!!


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