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Just in case you hadn’t gotten enough of us in the past two weeks…I know I have.

Yesterday evening when I got ready for bed, I found a familiar-looking rash down the center of my chest. I pooh-poohed it off as heat rash since it got pretty hot yesterday (85 and humid). I wiped myself down, dried off well, applied powder, and went to bed in a cotton t-shirt and shorts to make sure my skin cooled down.

This morning it spread more in a t-shape across my chest and throughout the day has crept up my neck and on one side of my lower back. My tummy is still a little off. I recall Justin mentioning that he thought I felt like I had a fever. Hmmmm…my guess is roseola again. But to make sure, I’m going to go to the doctor in the morning so that he can either proclaim me benign and able to rejoin the workforce, or proclaim me a leper and exhile me (by the way, do not, under any circumstance whatsoever, do a Google Image of Shingles or Leprosy…gag).

Also, while finally tackling the dishes, I realized that Justin was either a little lazy before his trip, or is trying to cultivate a new cheese made from leftover infant formula. He moans and complains about doing the dishes, but really…in about 20 or 30 minutes you can have it completely unloaded and reloaded and chugging away. Only 20 or 30 minutes a day, tops. Meanwhile, lets compare that to the ungodly amounts of laundry I do each week…that definitely take more than 20 or 30 minutes a day to do. Plus, I can’t quite put my finger on the last time or day that Justin had to do an emergency load of dishes because someone puked all over, or someone’s pull-up/diaper failed and the entire bed was wet, or because someone had a poopie blow-out, or because the cat yakked, or because he mowed the lawn. Trying to not complain, but my goodness, since I wasn’t well enough to tackle them last night and the kids weren’t cooperative enough until an hour ago, those dishes were awful smelly (uh, the dirty ones, not the clean ones…those smelled just fine).

Finally, in case you haven’t popped over to check on Justin yet, he had kind of a crappy time getting to Alaska, and apparently his clothes had an even harder time. Good thing he carried on his coat!

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Burgh Baby

Are you all trying to go for some sort of record? Let me save you some trouble and just declare that you had the crappiest week of all time. You can stop trying to impress us now with your talents at getting the whole family sick and losing luggage.

Oh, and get better soon. That goes for all of you.

Law Student Hot Mama

Ok, several thoughts.

1. I had to google shingles and leprosy thanks to you telling me not to. Both grossed me out. Uber gross.

2. Infant formula that hasn’t been washed from the bottle for several days is chunky and smells like a yak.

3. Cat yakking sucks.


LSHM…I warned you! And thankfully we use the Playtex bottles with the disposable drop-ins, so no super-nasty mess there…however the nipples are another story. *sigh* And yes, cat yakking sucks…times three (since that’s how many I have).


What a WEEK! Ugh. Hope you feel better soon- if not, I’ll send a get well card to the leper colony they send you to…
Totally sympathize on the laundry vs dishes battle. My hubs will use a cup, wash it out, then proclaim he’s done his share. &^@%#^!!!


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