Happy 10 Months, Cooper!

Wow. Ten freakin’ months!

This time (2:25pm) 10 months ago I was laying in a hospital freaking out because the nurse was having trouble finding Cooper’s heartbeat with the monitor…didn’t help that she ran out of my room hollering for my assigned nurse with a very distinct note of panic in her voice. Turns out he was flying under the radar because he was ready to jump out; he was born less than an hour later.

In the last month he has learned and unlearned the sign for “more”, and fluently uses the sign for “all done”…he does it with food, drinks, and people. He recognizes the sign for “eat” and “drink” but hasn’t used them yet. In the past few weeks, I started using the sign for bath, so we’ll see if he picks that up as quickly as Gavin did (they both LOVE bathtime…together).

He laughs back and forth with Gavin (who is a FANTASTIC big brother, I might add), and loves his daddy (always a BIG smile for daddy). He finally figured out how to crawl forwards and in the 10 short days that he’s been crawling, he even got that wonky right leg to coordinate better and increased his speed. Just in the last week he’s figured out how to pull himself up in his crib and the coffee table. And thankfully, when I can barely stand chasing him anymore, he tolerates sitting in his exersaucer or high chair a while and wiggles to the music (or laughs at my incredibly ridiculous dancing skillz; Gavin on the otherhand, just screams “NO DANCING!”). He loves the songs “I’m a Little Teapot” and the Talking Head’s “Stay Up Late”. Or anything from my “100% Funk” cds (I have vols. 1 & 2).

We’ve tried some stage-3 foods, but he still likes to gag and yak up the food. After Pukefest 2008, I’m a little tired of vomit flying at my face (he inherited his father’s penchant for projectile vomiting), so those jars of lumpy food have been sent to the back of the pantry for a few more weeks. He does do alright with banana, as long as I make sure he doesn’t sneak three or more pieces in his mouth at one time.

Considering he’s a rather high-maintenance baby, he’s still one of the happiest kids in his infant class. Although it probably helps that he’s not teething. Nope. We don’t believe in teeth in our house. Teeth are for other folks. I think it also helps that he can be trusted to play on the floor when younger babies are there because he doesn’t beat up on them, crawl over them, and is very gentle when he does decide to touch them. So in light of his gentleness, he’s allowed unlimited playtime with the toys and rarely gets relegated to an exersaucer or his crib. It warms my heart to hear he’s so sweet and gentle with everyone.

I will post pics later…I forgot the camera card at home.

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LOL at the teeth part. We apparently did not believe in teeth either. JAcob got his first tooth at 11 months.

Madame Queen

Punkin had the same problem with stage 3 foods. I was beginning to despair that she would ever eat table food, but finally she managed to keep stuff down without gagging on every bite.

Happy 10 month, Coop!

Burgh Baby

Another one that wasn’t in my Reader. 🙁

At ten months, Alexis had ALL her teeth. And was still nursing. I didn’t like her very much in those days.

Law Student Hot Mama

How odd that Reader sucks a fat one and isn’t posting these.

Heh – Sumo as you know is pulling himself up and walking though he never crawled. But he has 6 teeth.

I hate the gagging yak-fest. Sumo sometimes gags when he coughs too hard and then projectile vomit spews forth. It’s a fun time for all involved. I haven’t provided any Stage 3 foods, but Sumo likes the Gerber finger food cereals as well as random fruit and vegetables (banana, avocado, etc.)

Anyway, I also like your photos – and think Google Reader sucks an egg.


“More” and “all done” just the most wonderful signs for your kid to know! Everything seemed so much easier once mine figured those two out.


Happy 10 months to Cooper!

I don’t know why you don’t want to puked on. It’s not like you’ve had much vomit around your house recently or anything. What’s another load of laundry? 😉


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