‘Scuse Me While I Snore

Got the kids to school. Gavin seems fine; it’s as if yesterday never happened. By the time he went to bed he had nearly eaten his entire day’s food in an hour. When I dropped him off at school, he had his cup of milk and half his breakfast finished before I walked out of his classroom. I keep wondering if maybe I had actually puked on Friday if that virus would still be making me miserable today. Instead, my old experience with morning sickness kick in and suppressed all efforts to puke because, well, I wasn’t sure that I would ever stop once I started. Got one of those tricky vagus nerves.

So now I’m at home, relaxing and “taking it easy” as ordered by my doctor. I’ve had a cup of coffee (first one SEVERAL days), I’m going to have a little something to eat, and then I’m going to TAKE A NAP! And then I’m going to NOT do laundry, NOT change sheets, NOT watch rated-G animated videos, NOT going to clean up puke (yep, and future cat puke will remain where it is until I’m done being selfish), and NOT threaten anyone with Time Out (well, at least until I pick up the kids around 4:30pm or so, then all bets are off). I might, however, take a nice shower and do my hair. Nah….that’s going to cut into my nap time and I certainly don’t want the kids’ teachers to think I actually care about my appearance.

I’m going to go have my little nibble of breakfast and have my nap, now. Don’t mind if I drool or snore, eh?

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Burgh Baby

You are a freakin’ overachiever with this posting every 4 hours thing. Sheesh.

Feel better soon. 😉


I love all that stuff you’re not going to do. Sounds like heaven to me. Just get over this stuff already.


Thanks for the idea – I think we’ll try that.

I hope you got a good nap – you deserve it!


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