Monthly Archives: July 31, 2008

Pit-Stop to PA

Where to do I start? I’m so far behind that these fine folks have already written about our trip to Karen’s place in PA for a mom/parent-blog get-together (which also included these folks as well). Go to their sites; all have great posts about the visit. We had planned to leave our house between 8am…read more

And the Winner is…

Technically, the person attributed to the quote “Vote early and vote often” is Al Capone, but since there was that one Google source that seemingly misled three of my participants, I accepted Chicago mayors Daley Sr. or Thompson as answers as well. Especially since I wasn’t alive when any of these men were alive to…read more

Vote Early and Vote Often

Folks, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing to all of you that I have been nominated by Mr. Husband over at The Burgh Baby for my astute and thought-provoking comment regarding a photograph of his lovely daughter, Alexis, (taken by Burgh Baby’s Mom). Now it is up to you, lovely people of the blogosphere,…read more

Cooper’s 1 Year Photos

I forgot. I’m sorry. And Justin, who usually does this, has been ridiculously busy and hasn’t gotten a chance. So thank goodness Trannyhead is on the ball and posted Sumo’s pics (happy b-day, by the way!), which reminded how neglectful we’ve been. These pics were done over the span of two different photo sessions because…read more


THE END. Okay…not quite. But we have a TOOTH!!!! Twelve days after his first birthday; this child of mine even surpassed my late toothedness…I got my first tooth a week prior to my first birthday. I don’t have photographic evidence yet, partly because anything that comes close to Cooper’s mouth goes in it, including cameras;…read more