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I found a tick on me this morning while showering. On the back of my hip. It looked like a little black sesame seed. With legs. I have no idea how long it’s been there since the last time I recall looking at or consiously touching that part of me was around bedtime on Monday night. So potentially 36 hours.

Now I ask, How in the world am I supposed to find something THAT small on my dogs…even with their short short hair (they’re Boston Terriers)?

I probably don’t need to add that I’ve been spending most of the morning feverishly googling “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever” and “Lyme Disease” (no pun intended…well, maybe a little). Why don’t we have a vaccine for humans for lyme disease? I mean they do for dogs…

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Ticks give me the creeps! I’ve found two on Holden this year – thankfully neither had dug in yet so they were easy for Shawn to remove (like I would do it).


I friggin hate ticks. I was washing my hair one day and was like, “Hmm what is this bump on my head?” I touched it, poked it (mind you I can’t see it) and then it fell out and was on the shower floor. I screamed like a banshee!!!

Tranny Head

Eww – I’m so grossed out by ticks. Something about how you have to remove it really carefully so that you don’t get an infection from tick head chunks in your body? Just – eww.


For dogs, get Frontline Plus from your vet. My dog hasn’t had a tick since I put him on it. Good stuff!

“Deer ticks” are the ones that carry Lyme disease. They’re the size of sesame seeds when adults – hard to see. “Dog ticks” are the larger ones (size of small raisins) – known to carry Spotted Fever but not around Virginia much. You can find “tick plyers” that will safely remove ticks from your skin with little or no discomfort. They work great (speaking from experience).

Burgh Baby

Cute! (Er . . . um . . . oh, wait. That doesn’t work here.) Wow! (Huh. That’s not right either.) Gross! (That’s better.)


You’ll all be FINE. But ticks are so icky. I’ve been very happy not to have seen any since we move to Tulsa. Florida? Always pulling them off of the cat. The kids were used to grabbing the tweezers and dropping ticks in the toilets to be flushed. Nasty creatures.


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