Monthly Archives: August 31, 2008

Word to the Wise…

Don’t pick up a suspiciously wet grocery bag laying next to the litterboxes to your face to try to smell and identify the liquid on it. Especially when you’ve had a few glasses of wine. Or then clean said litterboxes after you realize it’s cat urine because your coordination and reflexes may be such that…read more

Heard ‘Round the Wine Please Household

The following has been overheard in my house: Please don’t poop on Mama. We do not hang the letter C on our weiner. Who farted? Why do we have a bunch of condemns on the kitchen counter? The Jonas Brothers made me late. Should the feta smell like bleu? Whoooo’s being a baby? I’m done…read more

Just Breathe

It has been another crazy week to continue the Summer of Angst and Teeth-Gnashing. Monday was a good day, even though I was rushing to get laundry done for Justin for his trip, and had to do my Fantasy Football Draft at 10:30pm at night. Thankfully we zoomed through our draft in about 35 minutes…read more

Ten Years

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of when Justin and I first really met and started dating. I say first “really met” because I knew who he was before because we were in choir together in college. He was one of the guys who walked in late to every single rehearsal, even though he was sitting…read more

Ginger Drools

You know how I referenced here that Cooper was teething and drooling more than Ginger? Thought I’d give you a good frame of reference. Needless to say, between Ginger and Cooper, Gavin has been wearing his life-jacket all weekend in order to not drown.