Six (yes, only 6) of my Quirks

Caramama tagged me for the six quirky things meme.

Here are the rules (don’t you think there should be SIX rules?):
1. Link the person who tagged you. Check.
2. Mention the rules in your blog. Uh, check.
3. Tell about 6 fun quirks about yourself. I think “fun” is a highly subjective word here…
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them. See below.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged. See below.

Here are my six quirks, or rather, six of my quirks:

1. I have to eat M&Ms in pairs. Matching pairs–one candy on each side of my mouth. And if the package ends in an odd amount of M&Ms, then I have to give the odd M&M away…or throw it away. Although if I’m really NEEDING the chocolate, I will bite in half and put one half on each side of my mouth to chew up. Justin likes to torture me and make me have an odd amount and then NOT take the extra candy like he’s supposed to. He will also screw up having pairs in the same color. I find that I need to eat my M&Ms at work or in solitude.

2. I like things in even numbers…which is how I ended up four cats and two dogs. I got my cat George, but he would get destructive when lonely, so I saw someone who had two kittens; she didn’t want to separate them and when I saw them together, neither did I–welcome Angus and Ollie. And since the three-cat thing was bugging me, I got a fourth kitten, Oscar, several months later. We got our black Boston Terrier, Maggie, after we moved into our townhouse. After Gavin was born poor Maggie was so lonely, that we got our red Boston, Ginger, when Gavin was about 15 months old, to keep Maggie company. After George died this past September, I’ve been feeling weird and “off” by the odd animal number, but if I came home with a fourth cat, Justin would kill me. Totally serious.

3. The needing even numbered things is everywhere…it’s how I purchase things and food, and how I eat. The only things that need to be odd are ice cubes. Two aren’t enough and four is too much…so it must be 3 cubes. And apparently something more Divine is telling me that two kids isn’t enough, but four might be a bit excessive. Justin doesn’t agree. Even after I told him in all sincerity and seriousness that I feel that there is one more baby waiting for us in Heaven. Then he just looked at my like I had three heads. But not like I had two or four heads.

4. I don’t make my bed in the mornings. Just not enough time, not motivated, and I am lazy. However, I can’t lay in my bed at night until I’ve straightened out the sheet and blanket(s). Regardless if Justin and the dogs are already in bed and sleeping. I just pull and hitch the covers around them.

5. I am a spaz about following new recipes…I want to make sure I know the outcome when I follow it word-for-word, but will often adjust as needed afterwards. And I’m worse when it comes to Justin making something. I will hover over him like a crazed hummingbird as I uncontrollably correct his measurements and such. I seriously cannot help it…at least not until he chases me out of the kitchen with a well-placed towel-whip.

6. I have an irrational fear of being constipated. Yes, I suffer from Coprastasophobia. It started when I was pregnant with Gavin five years ago. I was annoyed enough about being in the bathroom to pee 200 times a day and I was not going to be in that bathroom any longer than I needed to be (partly because then I’d realize how much more I need to clean it). When I read that constipation is a common issue with pregnant women, I started going crazy with the fiber intake. I ate Frosted Shredded Mini-Wheats, ate 9-grain bread (even though I hate all those seeds…and did you know they come out the same way they come in? No wonder your colon is so clean!), ate lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure flow-through, sprinkled wheat germ on my salads, ice cream, and sandwiches, and had fiber-with-calcium pills at the ready anytime I even suspected I might be having some slowdown in the old bowels. When I had Cooper it got worse. I took the fiber pills a few times a week regardless if I thought things were grinding to a halt or not and ate whole-grain breakfast cereal several times a day in addition to my other high-fiber intake. It was completely uncontrollable and is still a fear I have, though after pushing out two big babies, I don’t need as much fiber to help things out. If you know what I’m sayin’. Too much?

Now, who should I tag? Well, considering I’m one of the last people to do this meme I won’t tag anyone because mostly likely they’ve already done it or they just don’t “do” memes…if I’m mistaken, feel free to tag yourself and let me know, I’d love to read it! 🙂

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Madame Queen

I’m with you on #5. Mr. Daddy makes so much fun of me because I’m such a stickler about measurements in my recipes. But I’m like, they said to put that amount for a REASON.


I’m totally the same with #6 and I think it started when I read about it during pregnancy too. I also keep track of Holden’s regularity and when he was a baby I was always aware if he deposited “rabbit pellets” instead of what would be considered the proper poo consistancy.


Oh my god – I think you’re my long lost twin. Not only do I have undiagnosed OCD (and obviously, dear, so do you!) but I also gained a healthy fear of constipation when I was pregnant!!!


I never make my bed! Why? I am just going to lay in it again. But if we have company then I will make it.
I worry about the poops. Not the same as you but getting bad case of them and not having anywhere to go!!!


I enjoyed that very much and I would do it in a heartbeat, but I have just done one similar to that recently. That, and I ‘d like to think that there is nothing else quirky about me…Yeah, let’s go with that…

swirl girl

Whoa girl – you got some numerical issues, don’t you? How do you eat other things like grapes, or chips, or french fries? Do you always have to eat in pairs? How do you handle the fact that hot dogs are packed 7 and buns are packaged 8?

I can’t NOT make my bed. I usually do that before I pee in the morning. I like the cool, tight crispness when I go to bed at night. And the pillows, lots of pillows….


I can’t sleep in an unmade bed either, but need to make it first thing in the morning. On the incredibly rare occasion it doesn’t get made until Sam is already in for the night I make him get out. Bless his heart, he’s learned to just do it rather than argue.

Tranny Head

Dude! That’s insane about the constipation-phobia! I didn’t know there was any such thing. I can’t say that I did any of those things while pregnant … though I did eat obscene quantities of spicy food.


You have a thing about M&Ms too, huh? I’m not a fan of pairs and even numbers, as that just looks to – something. I like threes. And with M&Ms I like to have the same amount of each color in my hand. I’ll eat the larger amounts first till everything is equal. I even pretend I can taste a difference in colors.


You are definitely quirky! I love the eating M&Ms in pairs! I tend to eat 3 on each side of my mouth at the same time–two is just not enough!


OMG . . . were we separated at birth?! I honestly breathed a huge sigh of relief reading that I am not the only freak in the universe when it comes to M & Ms. You have also made me feel significantly better about dumping Benefiber into anything and everything in an effort to, um, make more efficient use of my time in the bathroom (I know you know firsthand just how much damage two toddlers can do while you are otherwise occupied.)


Feel free to save the uneven m&ms and send them to me 🙂
I have been getting lots of compliments on my seahorse necklace, by the way!


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