Monthly Archives: July 31, 2009


Guess what I found out while I was at BlogHer last weekend (besides that I really like mini beef wellingtons)? That I am a bonafide, grade-A, card-carrying camera whore. As in, if someone pulls out a camera, I am somehow getting my big toothy grin in the shot. So besides all the pics where I […]

I Promise I Will Write About BlogHer!!!

Seriously I will. I wanted to on Sunday when I was sitting in the Sheraton’s little internet cafe waiting for my brother to pick me up, but I was too tired and too hungover. And the stupid Sheraton wouldn’t give me more than an hour for late check-out. Punks. I wanted to Sunday night while […]

I’m Finally Here!

I actually have like four other posts sitting in my head, but wanted to just holler, “I made it to BlogHer!” I futzed around not doing what I should’ve been doing last night (packing) and finally got to bed around 1am, and I got up at 5am, showered, got ready and got myself to the […]

Cooper Turns Two

I’m not sure where to start on last weekend, but I think I will leave the bulk of the weekend to another post and focus on the main highlight of the weekend: Cooper’s Second birthday. Yep, last Sunday, my little Bubba turned two and we celebrated with a Blue’s Clues theme birthday party. Come to […]

Today Was Brought to You by the Letters T and W, and by the Number 8

This morning it took me 8 minutes of Wrestling a Whiney, Tantruming Toddler in order to brush his Teeth. Eight minutes! (I almost called him a Two year old, but uh, at the rate he’s going, he may not make it till Sunday.) I lost my Temper about 8 times this morning, too, due to […]