Monthly Archives: November 30, 2009

Goodbye from Justin

Since I have been a huge slacker, due to work, Justin traveling, back-to-back-to-back (yes, three) colds, Thanksgiving, and a short, but all-consuming obsession with all things “Twilight”-related, I am reposting Justin’s article from this past Sunday. I will certainly miss checking on his perspective of things and the funny pics he takes while on his…read more

Fire-Puking Dragon

While this pregnancy has, in a way, been considerably easier than my last two, I’ve definitely had a much longer bout of morning sickness. It started sooner (right about 6 weeks), and even did a fancy time-shift going from wake-up to 3pm nausea to 4pm-10pm nausea. This has made cooking dinner very challenging as most…read more

Pictures from the Health Care Rally at the Capitol Building

I think the pictures and the captions say more than I could. While I got there too late to catch the speakers (which I greatly regret), I still got to see all the people, all their t-shirts, all their signs, and, like when I went to the Tax Day Tea Party in April, got to…read more

Mrs. Rummel Goes to Washington

Again. Don’t know about the rest of you, but this whole Health Care debacle…nearly 2,000 pages of non-transparent crap that essentially says the government would like to tax each and every one of us an additional 8-12% for the privilege of letting the government manage our health care for us…has gotten me really riled up….read more