Car Cupholder Coasters (crochet)

Because I got tired of having my drinks drip on me (whether because of condensation, or because my drink sloshed and got messy on the outside), I began using a napkin smashed down in each of my cupholders to absorb any moisture on the outside of my cups. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. I […]

Easy Knit Man Hat

Great for beginners just learning to use 16-inch circular needles to knit in the round Materials: Bulky Yarn, approximately 80yards/73meters 16-inch circular needles, size 10-1/2 (6.5mm) Or a set of 5 double-pointed needles (dpns), size 10-1/2 (6.5mm) Tapestry Needle If you’re very new to this, consider a smooth yarn, like Borroco Comfort Chunky or Bernat […]

Backlogged Videos

Realized that I forgot to post the pics and videos I took on Christmas. I’m also still finishing up some Christmas gifts. Sad, really. So here are some of the videos that have been on my camera. Christmas Eve: Nolan on the Piano from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo. Christmas Day: Christmas Morning 2010 from Colleen […]

Snow Day…a live blogging event

8:15am – School is closed.  There’s a dusting on the ground and it’s presently raining…there better be a heckuva lot more snow by 3pm. 9:00am – After dropping Cooper and Nolan off at daycare, stopped at the grocery store to get a Starbucks coffee and to load up on yogurt. Expand Your Portfolio and Open […]

Quotable Cooper

Cooper is a smart little three year old. I’d like to think he’s the smartest I know, but realize I might be a bit biased so I’m willing to say he’s the second-smartest three year old, and is too smart for his own good. He’s very well-spoken and has really high verbal comprehension, so much […]

Starting Young

We start ’em off young on Legos around here.

My House Runs Like a Finely-Tuned Machine

Ohmigosh! How hard are you laughing right now? It’s more like a sputtering old jalopy that needs a tune-up. Especially since my last post four weeks ago was all whiney and I’m going to try harder and post more and read more and do more and blah blah blah, and then I got so busy […]

Is This Thing On?

Hi, my name is Colleen, and I’ve been MIA for longer than I care to think about. Between commuting to my full-time job, caring for our three children, three cats, two dogs, and one house, I was busy. Justin’s job sending him to all sorts of locations for days on end just made things insane. […]

Happy Five Months, Nolan!

Where did the last three months go, because it seems that you should just be a little past two months old?  Oh, that’s right…I went back to work.  Amazing how fast time flies when you are too busy to sleep. But I digress. My little monkey pumpkin is now five months old and I can’t […]

The Rummels Storm the Beach

Last week we packed up the kids and the dogs in the truck and headed south to what seems to now be our annual trip to Virginia Beach (two years in a row makes it “annual”, right?).  I was a little worried about the weather, as they were calling for rain several times during our […]

Bears Lost

and really, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. If any of you are Looky Daddy fans…his daughter Katheryn had what doctors believe might’ve been a seizure…very scary stuff…be sure to stop by to lend The Dad and The Mom your support and good thoughts. And just to raise the spirits a little, this week […]

Weee…Saturday Night and I’m BLOGGIN’!

Yep, I am the essence of cool on a Saturday night!  Nothing says “romance” like sitting two feet from your husband as you both feverishly put in a post at 11-something at night so that you can keep your goal of 31 for 21. So I’m wondering a few things… did anyone besides my equally […]

Happy 3-month Birthday, Cooper!

Yes, I am interrupting our regularly scheduled “Letters While Driving” with a special birthday wish for my little Cooper.  Seems silly, but it’s my blog, so I will wish whomever a happy birthday whenever I want. Please please scroll down and drool all over my cute, cute, CUTE baby!   See how big I’m getting?  […]

Writing Challenge: What Kind of Superpowers Would You Have?

Thank goodness for writing challenges…I considered doing a Thursday 13, but haven’t decided if I wanted to commit myself to that quite yet (but probably will). So if I was a Superhero, what would my superpowers be?  I know this probably isn’t terribly original, but I’d like to be able to read people’s minds.  I […]

The Great Breast Fest (see fun little boobie button ovah dere—–>)

In honor of today, the Great Breast Fest, or the Virtual Nurse-In, I have posted a ridiculously conservative photo of me nursing my nearly-3-month old.  I wish I was bolder, but I’m not.  But I TOTALLY believe if there are women out there that are comfortable nearly flashing their nips in an attempt to help bring […]