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Six Down, Thirteen to Go

I actually got more sleep last night than I usually do and I’m tireder. Is that a word? Anyways, I was thinking “hey, it’s Thursday…Justin will be home soon.” Then I realized he won’t be back for thirteen more days. I miss him. So do the boys, but thankfully, they have been taking this trip […]

Stuff: Random and Otherwise (aka Day 5)

You’ll have to excuse me for the truly exceptionally poor quality of posts I’ve been pumping out lately. I’m so tired that I’m lucky I can string together complete sentences. I have a clothes-basket full of clean, unfolded laundry that is piled precariously up to about waist-height. I had to bribe Gavin to get him […]

Cooper Speaks (Day 4)

I don’t know how much of it is his age or the ear tubes or coincidence, but this child’s vocabulary has been literally exploding. I checked to see the words that Gavin was using around the same age and Cooper’s is far more expansive. Even his teachers have commented on how well he speaks and […]

Day 1

Justin left for his North American tour yesterday morning. Poor Gavin was so brokenhearted about his daddy going on a plane without him that he cried all the way from Dulles airport to the Target in Chantilly (a good 8 miles). Thankfully he cheered up when I told him we were going to buy Cooper […]