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Cooper Crawls!

Guess who decided to hit a new milestone at the same time mommy was desperately ill and daddy going 4,500 miles away:

Happy 9 Months, Cooper!

Today Cooper is a whopping 9 months old.  I’m not quite sure how that happened since I just brought him home a week or so ago.  Must be the vitamins these kids take. (click to enlarge) wait, what’s my line? oh yeah…I’m a LION!!! So in honor of his birthday, we uh, got a sitter […]

Cooper’s 8-Month Birthday

Technically, he was 8 months yesterday.  But in my zeal to appeal to Metro for mass transportation, I forgot until like 5pm.  Yep, bad mama.  I can tell you that besides saying “Da-da-da-da” and “Ba-ba-ba-ba” since January, he has added in “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” and “na-na-na-na” in the last two weeks.  He has also perfected his motorboat […]

Cooper Flips Over the New Year

Okay, I’ll just put my disclaimer out there…I am a bad bad mom. I finally got Cooper to roll-over (belly to back), and even got in on video, buuuuuuut…..I just kept forgetting to upload the videos to YouTube in order to put up here for your enjoyment. Or for him to see when he’s older […]