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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It seems that I have scared commenters away, what with my boob-talk and confessions of mixing prescriptions with wine. So to make up for it, I will not write and will instead present you with gratuitous pictures of my children. Check for updates later that include Gavin in his St. Paddy’s day green (he was […]

Cooper’s 8-Month Birthday

Technically, he was 8 months yesterday.  But in my zeal to appeal to Metro for mass transportation, I forgot until like 5pm.  Yep, bad mama.  I can tell you that besides saying “Da-da-da-da” and “Ba-ba-ba-ba” since January, he has added in “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” and “na-na-na-na” in the last two weeks.  He has also perfected his motorboat […]

Headshots and Other Random Musings…

It’s been an interesting week.  Well, probably not to you, but to me.  And by interesting, I mean, well…okay, my vocabulary lacks the word I really want. Last week on Tuesday, I ran to Petco to pick up some cat food while on my lunchbreak.   After I made my purchase, I ran out and pulled […]