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Who Wants a Kaopectate Shake?

Or Who Swapped my Lipton for Some Colon Cleanse Tea? No seriously. Who swapped out my tea? Cuz while I am glad I’m not constipated, this is not any better. I’m also starting to wonder if I just have one big mega virus making its way through all my major body systems, seeing that I […]

Thanksgiving Miracles

I don’t know about all of you, but after having 4 straight days of literally doing nothing, I actually felt somewhat refreshed and ready for work. I haven’t felt that way in a while and it.felt.great. On Thursday we hung out at home for a while, Cooper got a good nap, and then we went […]

Random Stuff

I think I just might have a quiet, work-free 4-day weekend. Which translate to some blog-reading, maybe a little writing, and definitely a little dabbling in the Plurk and Twitter worlds! And more book reading (which is what I’ve been doing before bed to help quiet my brain enough to sleep, especially on the nights […]

Waiting Patiently for Frogs and Locusts

I know I usually blame my lack of writing and reading on work. And I still will. But adding into the fun has been several waves of illness. The kids have had a bit of congestion on-and-off since our trip to Chicago, but it’s been pretty mild…just your usual run-of-the-mill runny noses and occasional cough. […]

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been trying my best to “go green”. I have been a long supporter of reuse and recycle before it became a popular phrase. Lately there are more and more ways to “go green” and be environmentally-friendly/conscious. Though some have been fairly cost-prohibitive for those on strict budgets, or who […]