Okay, this post is probably going to be a cruddy one…one created out of obligation to do my 31 for 21…but I’m going to give it the old college try. It’s not my fault that I don’t commute on weekends (which is where I get a lot of my material). So here’s a quick profile (I can still get away with this since I’m new) on one of my kids…my oldest, Gavin. While he started off as a gigantic baby (8lbs, 14 oz), his genetics caught up with him and he’s now a little, undersized fireball of 3-year old energy and attitude. I don’t know how common this is, but when he asks us for something (i.e. applesauce), he will continue to ask for it 10-hundred times until he receives it, no matter how many times we acknowledge him. We’ve even specified in our response, “yes, Gavin, I heard you. I am getting your applesauce right now,” but he’ll continue to ask like we never said anything. I don’t get it. But at any rate, since we are bad parents, we have started telling him to “shush” after the 1st 600 times because we’re just tired of hearing it over and over and over and over and over for the 3 minutes it may take to get him what he’s asking for. Well, and we also tell him “shush” when he’s telling us for the 7,000th time that Mater is funny.

Gavin Painting the Nursery

So last night Justin and I were trying to talk and Gavin kept interrupting, so we “shush’d” him. He “shush’d” us back, saying, “Tush, mommy, tush!” I started laughing and then got yelled at by Justin because didn’t I realize that Gavin was telling me to “shush” and that it was so wrong and by laughing I was encouraging him. But I just couldn’t stop laughing because he kept saying “tush” and I’m really only twelve. All potty humor causes massive hysterics…I blame it on having 4 brothers. It was just easier to laugh and be part of the fun and now it’s just a part of me.

Well, now that I’ve run off on the random non-funny barely interesting tangent, I will be going to wake up my husband from where he fell asleep (with Gavin…how sweet) to drag him off to bed with me and the baby (no…no baby in our bed…he’s so huge he’d probably take up half the bed…but he’s still in our room until his internal alarm clock makes a decision as to when to get up in the middle of the night screeching for food…will it be 3am? or maybe 5am? or maybe 1am and 4am!).

So good night!

p.s. tomorrow (Sunday) is Justin’s birthday…be sure to wish him a happy birthday over at http://www.justinrummel.com!

p.p.s. okay, I don’t know what is up with wordpress formating–I tried to insert a cute pic of Gavin but I’m an idiot and couldn’t get it to work right…and then somehow messed up my formatting where half of my text is centered instead of aligned left. *sigh* and Genius Formatting Husband is asleep. We’ll see if I can pull it together enough to have it corrected soon. If not…oh well…chalk it up to being young and dumb. 😀

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Madame Queen

I would have had to laugh too. I was pushing Punkin’ in our backyard swing yesterday and I was pushing the actual swing and Punkin’ started yelling “My butt! My butt!” She wanted me to push her butt, not the swing! Too funny!


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