Would Someone Just Stay Healthy? and other rants…

Yep, after fighting bronchitis for over a week, Gavin got sick with a nasty cough, slight fever, and congestion. Justin stayed home with him on Monday and I stayed home with him on Tuesday and today. Turns out he also has an ear infection. Fun.

So while I was home with Gavin I got really creative and decided to cut his hair. So we went from this:

Gavin and Cooper pjs

to this:

Gavin haircut 5


Gavin haircut 3

Gavin haircut 7

Doesn’t he look like a model from one of those hairstyle magazines?

Yeah, a little George Clooney circa ER years, but hey, he’s three. And wiggles a lot, even while watching “The Emperor’s New Groove”, hence the slightly crooked bangs. And I wish he didn’t have ears…would make it a lot easier if I didn’t have to cut around those things.

While I was home with Gavin, I worked so that I didn’t use up more of my vacation days, so it was kinda busy balancing those pesky emails and IMs from work with my Disney movie-watching, train and car playing, laundry,caring for my sick son. And of course, I got to have a weird breastpumping incident, since you know, my day couldn’t be complete without having some weird thing happening. I was up in my room pumping while Gavin was watching a movie downstairs in the family room. Now this happened without a hitch yesterday and this morning, but just when I thought I was home-free, as I was starting to remove the collection cups and breast cups, he comes running into my room. I quickly grabbed a shirt to put over the equipment still on my chest and asked all nervously, “hi buddy! what’s up? what’s wrong?” He comes running up to me, smiles, says, “I need a hug!” He gives me a quick hug and goes tearing out of my room as quickly as he came in.

So it’s incredibly late and I actually have to get up and go into work tomorrow. If work doesn’t get in the way, I’ll try to get a Thursday Thirteen posted. They have actually been keeping me busy, lately, which is kind of nice (time goes by quickly), but kind of annoying (realize way too much time has gone by and I need to go pump).

Oh, and for those of you who watch “Dirty Sexy Money”, any ideas on what happened to Carmelita?

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