Monthly Archives: April 30, 2008

They Have No Idea…

I found this in my inbox: not sure what is better…that the winery is 15 minutes away or that I can get my very own souvenir wine glass… ———————————————— I want to thank all of you who commented below. It was a nice combination of coddeling and tough-love. Sometimes a mom just gets hit with…read more

A Mother’s Guilt

Poor Cooper. He’s had a really rough day. He got up and played in his bed like usual. I gave him his sippy cup of milk and got ready for work. At 8am, I started getting him dressed. As I leaned over to throw his jammies in the hamper, he leaned forward and flipped head-over-heels…read more

Winners and Other Housekeeping

After 138 comments (holy cow, people!  I’m not sure I’ve ever got that much in all my other posts combined), sorting the comments by Silver or Gold, and running a random generator I finally got the winners… The winner of the gold set of jewelry is Audra Marie from A Dash of Sassitude!!! The winner of…read more

Funny Pictures

I am totally pulling a Burgh Baby’s Mom and not writing. But I have a good excuse…we had a community yard sale on Saturday (and a Goodwill Drop-Off run after that). Sunday I was doing mad laundry and cleaning up my closet (seriously, I took 95% of its contents out and went through them, straightened…read more

Heebie-Jeebie Update

…and then you turn yourself around…that’s what it’s all about!  Oh.  Wrong funny words inserted into that song.  Sorry.  After all the craziness of “guess that rash” and nearly retching from “scary-ass rash” Google searches, I’m feeling a little slap-happy.  Well, per the pediatrician, Mom’s guess what correct…Cooper’s got Roseola.  A mild, generally pointless viral…read more