Monthly Archives: September 30, 2008

Fantasy Football, Week 4

Dude. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I got the highest point total this week (whoo-hoo! *does cabbage-patch, the sprinkler, and raises the roof*), but uh, Kim’s undefeated OK Clumberjacks are still beating the pants off of all of us. And Janet’s Bear Necessities are also running around undefeated. And due to Drew Brees,…read more

First Bloggoversary!

Yep. One year since I started. Can you believe it? I originally started blogging just to have an outlet for some of my thoughts and in the process I met a lot of new people from all over and made several friends. You guys got me through going back to work after having Cooper, all…read more

Friday Housework

While I’ve been up-to-my-ears in playing single mom this week, and playing around with tubes for Cooper’s ears last week, I realized I have gotten pretty behind on a few things. Please excuse the mess and don’t mind me picking things up while we chat, eh? First off, we ALL need to vote. I don’t…read more

Observations and Rants from a Psuedo Single Mom

In no particular order… Justin has been gone again all this week for training. He’s been sleeping in a hotel room by himself in a king-size bed. He gets to sleep without being woken up by an early-bird four-year old, snoring dogs, noisy neighbors, or nocturnally-crazed cats. He wakes up, works out in the hotel…read more

Fantasy Football, Week 3

Plurk Junkies, it’s time to quit fartin’ around and start going after Kim and her ridiculously high-scoring OK Clumberjacks. While Janet’s Bear Necessities are tied with the Clumberjacks for number of wins, the Clumberjacks have a whopping 117 point lead! Technically, Holly’s Heffalumps and Woozles are only down 25 points from the Clumberjacks, but her…read more