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Firstly, Gavin did well on his first day of “beach class“. He teared-up when he left to go to the classroom, but came back 30 minutes later smiling and laughing with the other three kids. He was especially excited about his “G” sticker he got from his teacher.

I, however, didn’t fare quite as well as I was dumb enough to lock my keys in the trunk for the first time ever…and of course this car doesn’t have an interior trunk-pop (yep, that’s on my list when shopping for the next car…someday). So Justin got to drive home to grab the spare keys to get mine out of the trunk. Thank goodness our house was only 1 mile away.

We got the kids to daycare and not only was Gavin happy to be there, he ran up to the door, ran to his classroom, gave Cooper and I kisses, and went into his classroom with nary a backwards glance (cue sigh of relief).

Second…congrats to Kim and her victorious OK Clumberjacks in this week’s match-up in the Plurk Junkies Fantasy Football league!!! I have to admit, this fantasy sports thing is pretty addictive! Good luck to all the rest of the teams for this coming weekend’s match-up…don’t forget to check your rosters for players that are on a bye week or are out due to injury.

Thirdly, tomorrow is Cooper’s follow-up at the ENT to see if his ears cleared up. I was feeling really good about it; felt really confident. But he came down with the sniffles Sunday evening and now has a full-blown cold, complete with copious amounts of snot and lots of coughs, and for extra fun, some ear-pulling (and we only finished the antibiotic on Monday night). We had this little exchange about it this morning:

  • Me: Bay-buh, I thought we talked about this.
  • Cooper: doon-dih doon-dih?
  • Me: Remember that we agreed that you would stop getting sick so much? Especially right after finishing your antibiotics for your ears?
  • Cooper: (sing-song voice) bah? la la la la la la la la
  • Me: Remember how mommy said she was taking all these co-pays out of your non-existent college fund? Well, so is the deductible if you are getting ear tubes.
  • Cooper: ppppppllllllllttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (that’s him blowing raspberries, for all of you non-parents)
  • Me: Hey, not my fault that you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain, dude.

I suppose I could always make him earn his keep by hiring him out as a coffee helper. Or a dancing monkey.

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I’m curious – what kind of car do you drive that doesn’t have an inside trunk-pop?

What an adorable picture – he seems very good natured for feeling under the weather!


Miss Morgan seems to have that same full blown cold with lots of snot and coughs…I figure if you don’t acknowledge it then its not really happening, right. So if we turn around and end up at the doctor with yet another ear infection I am blamming this comment for it!

Hopefully Cooper’s ears are clear and its just a cold!


I’m so glad the ST and going to school went so well for Gavin!! That must be such a relief!

So sorry about Cooper getting sick again. That’s just not fair.


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