Monthly Archives: May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

Golly…where do I start? We had an incredibly busy weekend! On Friday, I worked from home so that I could bring Cooper to a checkup for his ears. After the doctor cleaned out what looked like half a slice of pizza out of Coop’s ears, we collected our stickers and headed home for a dinner…read more

Birthday Planning with an Almost Five Year Old

Me: Hey Gavin, it’s your birthday soon. What kind of birthday do you want? Gavin: I want a Batman birthday! Me: Okay. So you don’t want a Wolverine cake anymore? Gavin: Um…how ’bout you put Batman next to Wolverine and that will be my cake? Me: Well, you can’t really do that, buddy. Gavin: why?…read more

Mother’s Day 2009

I hope all of you moms out there had an absolutely smashing mother’s day! I know mine this year was quite a step-up from years past because: it didn’t rain. In fact, it was the first time in the past ten days or so that it didn’t rain even the tiniest littlest drop. it didn’t…read more

Rummel Midwest Tour 2009 – Part 2

I was fully expecting Justin to kind of fill this in since this part of the trip was more him than me. Or at least he had a lot more to talk about than me. But he hasn’t so I will at least put a little something before BlogHer starts pulling my ads for lack…read more

Rummel Midwest Tour 2009 – Part 1

Last week Thursday we packed up the car and the kids and headed off to Chicago. After about six hours we stopped off at a hotel…for free, thanks to Justin’s hotel points from all his traveling. We ate dinner and went swimming, then I tried to bathe the kids. I say “tried” because when I…read more