Monthly Archives: June 29, 2009

Gettin’ Back Into the Game

So besides the awesome new look, I’ve been trying to clean things up, add a few things, pages, etc. You know, spruce things up a bit since I’ve been so neglectful the past eight or ten months. I figure that I’ve been “gone” so long, feeling so isolated because my life got so crazy, that…read more

Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog!

No, you haven’t surfed onto a new site. I finally got a real bloggy make-over, courtesy of the lovely, talented, and amazingly patient Napwarden!!! I’ve always admired her drawing style and designs and finally decided that I needed a new boost to my poor, tired, and not-browser friendly design. I am not a creative person….read more

Pics from Gavin’s Epic Birthday

Due to having all of our family out of town, most of our Christmas and birthday gifts are mailed. So Gavin got a gift from Justin’s sister, Jen, and her family early in the week, so he opened it on the morning of his birthday along with a few small gifts from us (since Justin…read more

We Take a Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Post

I actually had a relatively well-crafted post in my head. I mean, most of it was pics from Gavin’s party, but hey, it was still better than my posts have been for the past several months. So I was saying I had something planned. But then life just caught up with me. After being off…read more

Party Time

Saturday was Gavin’s birthday party, and despite our earlier discussions regarding birthday themes we went with a pirate theme, which was easier, and I think, a lot more fun than Batman or Wolverine. I mean, do either of those guys run around saying stuff like “arrgghhh!! where’s me booty?” Okay. Gavin wouldn’t say it either,…read more