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I’m Being Lazy

Justin posted a whole bunch more of our pics from last weekend when we were in Chicago and from Halloween, so be sure to head over and take a peek. I’d repost all them, but I’m tired (yes, tired, even though my kids actually slept in today…unheard of on the Fall Daylight Savings Ending weekend) […]

Just Wondering

Has anyone else out there every blown their nose so hard they nearly crapped their pants? No? Just me?…..stupid cold.

She Made It!

I never thought she would live to see 100,000 miles! That poor 2001 Chevy Cavalier of mine made it 100,000 miles, despite my grumblings, despite the warning from some mechanics, despite have several major (read: expensive!) operations, like the water pump, timing kit, body control module, replacing ignition coils, and not to mention all the […]

Can I Bid on Some Money?

So, is it just me? Or is everyone in their brother selling all their worldly belongings on eBay? Or possibly items from their neighbor’s trash? Like coupons for toothbrushes. Or used shoes in “trashed” condition. Amazing. Besides all the selling on eBay, what is even more interesting is the seeming lack of buying there right […]