Monthly Archives: November 29, 2007

Thirteen Things I Would Like for Christmas

Okay, this is in no way to make my husband, parents, or other loved ones feel bad about any shopping they’ve already done…I’m just wishing…and may be wishing for many of these for many many years. a few bottles of the champagne that we had a few days after Cooper was born…I have NO idea…read more

In Duh Pwime ob Mah Libe

I have been totally slacking in the Blogging Department.  Let me add that I have been totally slacking in the Cooking, Cleaning, Mother, Wife, Employee, Reading-Other-Blogs, and Breathing-Without-Coughing-and-Gagging Departments as well.  That is because I was struck down with bronchitis (heh, you’d think I had diphtheria or something).  Meanwhile, my healthy and illustrious industrious not-very-busy…read more

“Weirdness is a Relative Concept”

I mentioned briefly earlier that weird , like a lot of things in life, is relative.  I heard this from Mike Warnke, a Christian comedian, back when I was still a kid.  I took it to heart because it was so stinkin’ true.  I hope Mr. Warnke doesn’t mind that I roughly plagiarize paraphrase this because it’s still…read more

bad little ignition coils

Yep…it was the ignition coils located within the ignition housing in-between the two sets of spark plugs.  There was electricity arching between the coils causing a short, which caused the misfires on plugs 1 and 3.  When our garage guy, Brendan, was showing us (with my old coils and housing) what was going on, it…read more

Anyone want a really cheap cavalier?

Hey, it’s a great little car…when it runs!!! Friday night, I pick up the kids from daycare and pick-up Justin from our house so that we can go pick up his truck from the shop.  He had a bunch of well-needed maintenance work done and the shop we go to are great about letting us…read more