Monthly Archives: February 29, 2008

Letters While Driving 6

Yes, I am a bit ill-mannered today…after a rough week of unfulfilling issues at work (hate when I just can’t get things fixed), bad traffic, severe sleep deprivation, and crabby kids, I was not about to put up with people’s crappy driving. Dear Effing Sniggy B**** in the White Yaris: I understand that where you…read more

Dude, Where’s My Chips?

I walked into the Safeway near my office today, desperate for some potato chips.  I don’t eat them too often, but I just needed some salty goodness.  I go into the chip aisle and stare at the 16 feet of chip choices and I can’t find the ones I want.  The chips I NEED.  I…read more

In Case You Were Wondering

Got a few random updates.  Just in case you were wondering. Found out that Strivectin-SD actually works!  I went so far as to only put it on one half of my belly and after about three weeks of almost regular use, I actually saw a difference.  The biggest purple-ist stretch marks lightened up noticeably.  I…read more

Bathroom Etiquette

Okay…just to warn everyone, I really will be talking about the bathroom, and what folks do in the bathroom.  I know many of you are in denial about body functions (I know I was), but well, I just need to get this off my chest.  So if you’re squeamish, um, go away and check back…read more

Picture Meme…what I’m doing instead of laundry.

Since that silly baby has been too sick to let me sleep or eat or create coherent thoughts, I thought it best to just do one of the memes that I’m behind on.  THis is one that I tagged myself from Madame Queen.  If you want to do it, here are the rules. You have…read more