Monthly Archives: March 26, 2008

A Little Bit Patriotic

As I suspected, my very minor political article below scared-off readers/commenters…what can I say, politics can be polarizing and most folks don’t like getting into those types of conversations.  Maybe it’s because I live in DC and am constantly surrounded by politics and a lot of super-left liberals that are nearly anti-American and hear Europeans, Mid-Easterners,…read more

I Deserve an Award

Justin is sick (read:  being a big whiny baby), and has left me with two hungry (read: grouchy) young boys.  After feeding Cooper a fantastic Beechnut Good Evening Creamy Chicken Noodle Dinner, I have gone above and beyond the normal demands of motherhood to procure a highly palatable and nutritious meal for Gavin and I:…read more

Gettin’ a Little Political

Just a little.  Don’t want to alienate too many folks, so I generally keep most of my polical views to myself.  Or at least not to the written word on my blog because, well, because that’s just how I want to do it.  It’s my party and all. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled…read more


yes.  I am officially asking for help…from THIS BOTTLE!  OMG!  It’s actually pretty good wine, and the name of it makes me feel slightly empowered and less guilty for being grouchy.  And it makes me laugh.  And I think I’m going to bed really really early tonight.  I cannot even comment on the source of…read more

Letters While Driving 7

Aw…Thanks for the nice compliments about my hair…you gals are all so sweet! And yes, Justin does have his redeeming moments…yesterday morning just happened to be one of them and I was feeling warm and fuzzy enough from the coffee to mention it. Now if he could’ve reminded me (1) before dinner, (2) after dinner,…read more