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Finding Out

This morning we will (hopefully) find out what we’re having. As most people know, I’m really hoping this baby will be a girl because it will be nice to have some pink and lace around here. I mean, the dogs are both girls, but their inability to see most colors makes them less excited about […]

So Where Was I?

Oh yeah, I was pregnant. Correction. I still am. And largely so, it seems. According to Baby Center, I’m 18 weeks. I tend to lose track until I get that weekly update from them telling me what food item my baby now compares to: “your baby is now the size of a blueberry!”, “your baby […]

Fire-Puking Dragon

While this pregnancy has, in a way, been considerably easier than my last two, I’ve definitely had a much longer bout of morning sickness. It started sooner (right about 6 weeks), and even did a fancy time-shift going from wake-up to 3pm nausea to 4pm-10pm nausea. This has made cooking dinner very challenging as most […]

No, Seriously, I’m Only Nine Weeks

I blame my two older children. And I blame any of you who’ve had more than two kids for not telling me how after each meal I’d look like a snake that just ate a goat. Okay, maybe I should blame my lack of stick-to-it-ness on the ol’ sit-ups and crunches, but I still put […]