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House of Horrors

Just in time for Halloween, we at the Wine Please household had our own little House of Horrors. Several weeks back, I picked up the kids from daycare and the gal working the front desk casually mentioned that there were two confirmed cases of Swine Flu…one in the Jr Kindergarten class, and one in Gavin’s […]

Things That Freak Me Out

just in case you needed a list… So, I’ve been off the radar a bit, as we’ve had a lot going on around…most of which happens on a constant basis, but it’s the fun, tiny details which make it that much harder at times, right? As usual, Justin’s been out of town…that so-call four-week project […]

Counting Your Chickens

A few weeks ago, the kids and I went to a local farm to pick up some fresh produce, let me shop for more plants to kill, and to introduce them to more animals. After purchasing a couple pounds of jalapenos, which resulted in Cooper having a complete meltdown because I wouldn’t let him eat […]

Today Was Brought to You by the Letters T and W, and by the Number 8

This morning it took me 8 minutes of Wrestling a Whiney, Tantruming Toddler in order to brush his Teeth. Eight minutes! (I almost called him a Two year old, but uh, at the rate he’s going, he may not make it till Sunday.) I lost my Temper about 8 times this morning, too, due to […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Gavin!

Wow. Five years. It just seemed like last week you were just learning to sleep in your big-boy bed and coming into our room at odd hours of the night, barely as tall as our bed. Then I suddenly noticed Saturday when you came in and woke me up while I was napping, that you […]