Monthly Archives: May 30, 2008

Letters While Driving 8

Dear Smelly 1984 Mazda In Front of Me at the Toll Booth: I totally get that you are saving a lot of money by owning a car older than you. And I’m sure that you think you’re saving on gas by driving a small car, but whatever you’re saving in gas is being spent on…read more

Keep Your Clothes On

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer be naked in front of Gavin. I actually should’ve decided and acted on this about a year ago. I was very pregnant and Gavin was just 3 years old. Usually if I was the only one home with Gavin, I would wait until he…read more

Too Hot

I’m too hot to write. As you can see below, Cooper’s so hot his hair started curling! And further down I am attempting to psych everyone into feeling cooler by seeing Gavin planting flowers with me and blowing bubbles in the cold rain Mother’s Day weekend. (And Burgh?…just thought I’d remind you about rocks and…read more

I’ve Been Scooped!

So I was going to put this cute post here about our DC Bloggers trip to the National Zoo but my dearest darlingest husband scooped me while I was at Target desperately searching for Teething Tablets! WTH? And because I’m lazy and can’t re-write the post I had in my head, you’ll just have to…read more

Christmas in May?

Anyone for some egg-nog? get it? egg noggin? egg nog? no? uh. ok. ahem. Well, here it is in all its glory…Cooper’s first major head injury. Apparently while crawling at school, and being cheered on by a couple teachers and director staff, he started showing off and laughing so hard that his hands slipped out…read more