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Letters While Driving 3

Dear Little Grey Prius Hiding in my Blindspot, Hi there…I know you are little and cute and ecologically-sound, but I bet you didn’t know that you fit PERFECTLY in my blindspot. I drive a cavalier, so it is a very small blindspot, but you manage to not only fit it, but stay in it for […]

Thursday 13…Adventures in Breastfeeding

Thought I would document some of the more interesting things I’ve experienced or done while breastfeeding: positive, negative, and just plain weird (and I could give you a whole run-on about the relativity of weirdness, but we’ll save that for another day, or at least until I can properly give credit the to guy I first […]

Daddy Suck-it

Yep…that phrase came out of my three-year old’s mouth last night.  The conversation essentially went as follows: scene:  Colleen, Gavin, and Cooper are in Colleen’s car pulling into the garage.  Colleen is sending up prayers of thanks because the electricity is back on (she received a call earlier stating the whole neighborhood had lost power but […]


yeah, that’s how I feel.  Today is the third day in a row of rain (NOT that I’m complaining…), and Gavin, for reasons unknown, got up and climbed into bed with us around 1:45am last night.  Cooper got up at 2am and wouldn’t take “no food” for an answer.  Since it’s been raining, and both […]

Letters While Driving 2

Dear Teeny-Bopper in the Orange Roller Skate: I know you are very excited with your new driver’s license and your new little orange car (I know it’s yours because what self-respecting woman over 20 years old would have a car that color…although no offense to those of you women out there over 20 years old […]