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End of Week Wrap-Up

So my first day back to work and I had to jump right back into the deep end…no moseying into the shallow end to get used to the water. Glad to be employed, but sheesh, am I tired! ****************************************** We finally got our first snow of the 2008-2009 winter on Tuesday. It was beautiful and […]

Lovely Monday…Day 17

I woke up a bit nervous, since today was Gavin and Cooper’s first day at their new daycare. I got the boys up and ready…reminded Gavin that we were going to his “New Classroom” today, and he responded “okay, Mommy” and got dressed. What? No arguing? No pouty face? No whining that he didn’t want […]

What’s Today? Oh, Day 11

And only 8 more to go. I really can’t complain because the kids have been uncommonly good. So to all of you who are praying and thinking good thoughts for me…big kisses and hugs and thank yous because it’s making a difference and I truly truly truly appreciate it. The hard part, besides balancing everything […]

I Love Santa!

I don’t know what’s funnier: …the toddler screaming in abject terror or the preschooler who looked as though he went a few rounds with De la Hoya (or with the screaming toddler). And no, Gavin doesn’t have a mustache (kool-aide or otherwise), he just obsessively wipes his nose when it’s been running until he has […]

Thanksgiving Miracles

I don’t know about all of you, but after having 4 straight days of literally doing nothing, I actually felt somewhat refreshed and ready for work. I haven’t felt that way in a while and it.felt.great. On Thursday we hung out at home for a while, Cooper got a good nap, and then we went […]