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Party Time

Saturday was Gavin’s birthday party, and despite our earlier discussions regarding birthday themes we went with a pirate theme, which was easier, and I think, a lot more fun than Batman or Wolverine. I mean, do either of those guys run around saying stuff like “arrgghhh!! where’s me booty?” Okay. Gavin wouldn’t say it either, […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Gavin!

Wow. Five years. It just seemed like last week you were just learning to sleep in your big-boy bed and coming into our room at odd hours of the night, barely as tall as our bed. Then I suddenly noticed Saturday when you came in and woke me up while I was napping, that you […]

Birthday Planning with an Almost Five Year Old

Me: Hey Gavin, it’s your birthday soon. What kind of birthday do you want? Gavin: I want a Batman birthday! Me: Okay. So you don’t want a Wolverine cake anymore? Gavin: Um…how ’bout you put Batman next to Wolverine and that will be my cake? Me: Well, you can’t really do that, buddy. Gavin: why? […]

Snow Day!!!!!

On Saturday, my MIL and the kids and I headed out to our friends, Brian and Kathy’s, place for dinner. Kathy made a stellar dinner (I should’ve snuck some leftovers….it was good!), Brian got to find out what a wuss I am about martinis, and the kids played together wonderfully. No fighting, no fussing, and […]