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Cooper Turns Two

I’m not sure where to start on last weekend, but I think I will leave the bulk of the weekend to another post and focus on the main highlight of the weekend: Cooper’s Second birthday. Yep, last Sunday, my little Bubba turned two and we celebrated with a Blue’s Clues theme birthday party. Come to […]

Pics from Gavin’s Epic Birthday

Due to having all of our family out of town, most of our Christmas and birthday gifts are mailed. So Gavin got a gift from Justin’s sister, Jen, and her family early in the week, so he opened it on the morning of his birthday along with a few small gifts from us (since Justin […]

I Love Santa!

I don’t know what’s funnier: …the toddler screaming in abject terror or the preschooler who looked as though he went a few rounds with De la Hoya (or with the screaming toddler). And no, Gavin doesn’t have a mustache (kool-aide or otherwise), he just obsessively wipes his nose when it’s been running until he has […]

I Actually Enjoyed This

As you may have remembered, I got crazy and purchased a basic water canning set with the intent to make some blackberry jam that did not need to be frozen. I was so worried when I ordered it that it would come too late and I’d be stuck with tons of blackberries on hand, or […]

Cooper’s 1 Year Photos

I forgot. I’m sorry. And Justin, who usually does this, has been ridiculously busy and hasn’t gotten a chance. So thank goodness Trannyhead is on the ball and posted Sumo’s pics (happy b-day, by the way!), which reminded how neglectful we’ve been. These pics were done over the span of two different photo sessions because […]